The Adverse Impacts of Phone Addiction in Young Adults

The growth of the internet has brought its merits and demerits. On one hand, you have a hub of extensive information available from all around the world, it has made the planet smaller and more connected as a global village. Numerous websites like Coursera, Khan Academy and Thesis Writing Help are focused on educating and helping people online – even those from underprivileged areas. But on the other hand, the increased usage of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat has created a growing concern for parents.

The technology is not innately bad, and certainly, the intentions of creating these social apps were not to encourage children in addictive behavior. In fact, was the obsessive usage of social media that caused the uproar – after all, everything in excess can be detrimental. Let us explore the different effects that have been documented in students from various fields like BBA, BSc, Medicine, etc. This random selection of fields was done to make sure that there was no partiality on impacts of a specific working environment or educational stressors. The following traits were commonly noted in these students.

  • Lazy and Unfocused

Once you are hooked on to the fast-paced buzz of the social world, you find it harder to get back into daily life. This is due to the fact that you no longer achieve that instant gratification from the hours you put into writing an essay, unlike getting a notification of a text from a friend or getting elated from receiving likes on your picture. The whole addiction rewires your brain and you cannot get over the pleasure that you quickly receive from the activities you do online. That is why most students complain about having spent hours mindlessly surfing the internet as they consciously waste time. In the end, they resort to BSc honors thesis writing service to meet their deadlines. Hence, they end up having strikingly low levels of productivity.

  • Incapable of Accepting Grief or Failure

If you are the sort of person who opens up their phone when they are upset or angry instead of writing or talking about your problems, then you may be suffering from social media addiction. Just like any other drug addiction, people tend to divert their attention from their problems by indulging in reckless behavior. In the end, they have numbed their brain so much that they are unable to even accept the slightest inconveniences and the vicious cycle continues. These young adults then grow up facing the problems of practical life like madmen and are scared of even taking risks in their respective fields – hence career growth is slow.

  • Psychological Illnesses

These may range from mild to severe, but they were persistent to some extent in these individuals. These illnesses were anxiety disorders, depression, attention deficient hyperactivity disorder and general signs of addiction. Students also complained of having proper withdrawal symptoms and bouts of sadness if they were kept away from their phone for long hours.

  • Dissociation and Unsatisfying Relationships

As is the case with any other addiction, these people are unable to connect with others since they are constantly waiting for the buzz that will receive from their phone. Hence, they get bored of people quickly and that makes them sulk even more. As discussed earlier, these individuals are incapable of accepting grief, which further exacerbates things when their relationship goes downhill.

The one clear-cut solution to this problem is complete digital detox. You may ask your friends and family to help you through this or you may seek help through apps like Moment that track your phone usage time. Going cold turkey and staying headstrong about it is the best possible solution.

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Written by Kanwal Liaquat

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