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When to gift Lord Krishna Paintings?

“Man is made by belief. As he believes, so he is.” This is one of the few engrossing and pragmatic sayings of Lord Krishna.

I do not think Lord Krishna requires any sort of preface. His powerful thoughts and way of living life are being worshiped and embraced by many people. Being one of the famed deities of Hinduism, Lord Krishna is the dearest Gods of most of the people. Even you might be enticed by his stories and actions. In fact, whatever Lord Krishna did was translated into a tale of many teachings.

Such fine temperament and millions of followers have obliged artists around the world to craft Lord Krishna Paintings of different themes. One fascinating aspect of the paintings of this Mammoth Godly figure is that they tend to go with every occasion. So, if you are looking to gift some near dear ones an inspiring and meaningful gift, do not have an iota of doubt on these paintings.

In the successive blog, I am going to converge your attention towards why Krishna paintings are considered as the best gift for all occasions. This is a small attempt to solve the doubts of people who think gifting paintings of Krishna is only limited to few festivities. Let’s see:

Why are Lord Krishna Paintings the best presents ever?

Offering gifts is a humble way of making a strong relationship on special occasions. Did I say occasion? Oh yes! We (Indians) have a lot of occasions to attend in a year and we all get super excited for them. Attending an occasion means offering a sense of appreciation in form of some gift to your dear ones. This gesture offers an emotional sense of attachment that entangled both the giver and the receiver.

Gifts if thoughtful can really bring joy to someone else’s life. Many of you might be dubious about gifting Lord Krishna paintings, but I will show you that for every sort of occasion, Krishna paintings are ideal to present.


Never ever do the blunder of gifting Radha Krishna painting to anyone on their marriage. Radha and Krishna despite having a deep love for each never got married. Similarly, a painting of Krishna with gopis is a big no to be presented at a wedding ceremony. On the other hand, painting of Krishna playing the flute that represents peace and serenity can be the ideal wedding present.


Not every gift is for everyone. So, while selecting a gift for the birthday, see what the age group the concerned person belongs to. Like, an adult can be gifted with Krishna playing flute with gopis and a teenager or a child can be presented with a painting that depicts Lord Krishna playing flute with eyes closed, which depicts a sense of dedication.


This is an easy one. Since many festivities in India are celebrated for Lord Krishna and his incarnations, gifting a traditional painting that depicts celebration and joy is the perfect present.

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Written by Neha Gupta

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