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Black Is the New White – 7 Design Ideas with Espresso Kitchen Cabinets

You saw that black-colored cupboard in the showroom and are thinking to get it done in your kitchen. Are you confused how it will look?

Do you want to bring back the magic of antique Espresso kitchen cabinets in your kitchen?

Then stick to the page.

Kitchen cabinets are one of the essential parts of any kitchen. So, when we have to pick, we have to make sure that it is both striking and viable. Espresso kitchen cabinets were in vogue for a quite long time owing to its warm and pleasing stain. The Espresso kitchen cabinets are known to proffer a perfect blend of conventional grace and ease of use. Those who loved to add a pinch of antique and pre-historic grace were used to pick it. Off lately white kitchen cabinets gained an edge over others and surpassed the popularity of Espresso Kitchen cabinets. But now they are coming back into the mainstream. Modern, transitional, or traditional – all are equally potential to add the zest to antiquity to your kitchen.

When we gear ourselves to paint and design the kitchen and kitchen cabinets, colors are what matter the most. The power of color is such that it can make or break your kitchen. Though the shades like white and pastel were continued to be the first choice, black is getting into the mainstream owing to the peerless sheen and brilliance that it adds to any place.

From fashion street to home, this color is ruling over above all. If you are planning to renovate your Espresso Kitchen Cabinets, here are our top seven design ideas that you can do with the color black.

  1. The Spell of Black on Black: You can easily blend the black on a black theme in your kitchen and boast about its unmatched sheen. Starting from the cabinets to countertops, black on black turns many heads at the very first glimpse.
  2.  The Elegance of Black and White: Those who still have a soft corner for the white color can easily use the blend of black and white in the kitchen. The distressed black Espresso kitchen cabinets look amazing when go paired with elegant and classy white countertops and flooring. The contrast can never go wrong.
  3. The Gleam of Black and Copper: Well, the combination is ideal for two souls who are looking for a gleaming kitchen. While the black color will add the modishness, the pizzazz of gleam will come from the copper. You can either go for a copper hood or cooper quartz countertop with a black cabinet or just add the copper in bits and pieces at various places. Both ways will enhance the look by many folds.
  4. The Gusto of Black and Copper: The combination is something to die for. The black and gold can elevate the style of any place. When you are fixed what to choose or not, go for this color and see the magic. You can use golden hardware on black Espresso Kitchen cabinets and trust just it will leave all in awe.
  5. The Elegance of Black and Grey: Those who want to bring an urban and exclusive look in their kitchen should go for black and grey combination. The subtleness to this contrast is highly blending and soothing. An accent wall along with your cabinets is more than enough. Grey countertops along with silver hardware look mesmerizing and spellbinding. You can easily add the smidgen of other colors as well by putting up some artifacts and wall art. If you have a great imagination, then there is no stopping for you in this contrast.
  6. The Touch of Black: You can easily intensify the elegance of your kitchen cabinets without doing much of efforts. All you need to do is to add a pinch of black at various places. For instance, just replace your regular sink with a black sink and see the magic. Another option is to put a textured wallpaper on an accent wall. It will make your kitchen stand out with little efforts. If you have any pastel color cabinetry in your kitchen, replace the hardware with designer black hardware and you can feel the freshness with minimal efforts.
  7. The Smoothness of Black and Pastel Shades: The contrast of black and pastel shade is the ideal pick to have such a kitchen which will bring a sense of quietness. While the black color will append the luster and patina, the pastel shade will bring the tranquility. You can easily use this combination by using a pastel wallpaper or wall art. A countertop of beige and coffee brown also goes well with the black cabinets.


Black is the color which can easily bring a new life at anyplace. All you need to do is to use it in the right amount and the right place. If you succeed to do this, we are sure that you will be a proud owner of a   spellbinding kitchen.

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Written by Mia Jones

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