Hacks to Pack 1
Hacks to Pack 1

Did you ever feel that packing is not at all a burden and that you will be glad to do it? Did you ever feel that packing is very simple and a great task? Nah! We get it. Packing is always very much hectic and very much difficult and very much boring! Then how is everyone advertising the fact that packing is easy? Well, that is because packing is actually very easy. You just need to know more about packing hacks for trips and some space saving packing hacks which will help you save a great amount of space and let you organize things easily.  Scroll down and read along.


When you know that you are going to a beach region, then who asked you to pack that heavy fat jacket? Why do you have it? You must not have noticed the needs because you were packing in the last minute and that is why you have not been able to think right when it came to packing. Dearies, packing must be done according to the needs and not according to the things that we have. Don’t try showing your new jacket to the strangers. Try wearing what must be worn as per the requirements. Don’t bother thinking about those ‘just-in-case’ events. Make sure to plan your vacations earlier so that you have an estimation of what to pack and that might save some pennies of yours. Oh! And some last minute stress too.


‘Keep rolling! Keep rolling! Just keep on rock and rolling!’

We weren’t talking about those retro dance moves. In fact, you need to start using the rolling moves while packing also. Did you know that if you roll clothes, they take up less space and the scope of packing more grows high? The technique of rolling the clothes is what you need to learn to keep it simple and more spacious. So basically start rolling the heavier ones first and then slide down slowly to the lighter ones by including them in the heavier stacks. Another one of the most important packing hacks for trips!


We travel to rejuvenate ourselves and that way we will be able to come out of all the stress and tensions that we end up storing in ourselves. But sometimes we end up carrying all our gadgets like laptops, phones, chargers, ipads, kindles and what not! Maybe it is all out of habit but then it is really not necessary. To add to it, all of these would need more charge banks. So just carry whatever gadgets are necessary rather than stuffing everything into your bags. Carry a good pair of earplugs or earphones or headphones or whatever you have and also if you are a bookworm, carry a kindle with music and books stored in it rather than carry paperbacks.


This is where you have to be considerate and have to let go of your entire make up items since you cannot carry them everywhere. Girls know it all, there are few basic things which would be necessary and that they are the basis for any make up session. Make sure to carry them and don’t depend on all your lipsticks or liners. Carry a few and if you are someone who doesn’t like compromising on your makeup then carry palates which have multiple makeup products in them. Like you can carry a 12 shades mascara palate or a 12 shades lip-liner palate and so on. Keep the jewelry minimal and that is something you can do with joy. Use a single box for putting up all the jewelry rather than carrying them with their boxes. Keep the ones which go with all your wears! There goes our fourth one in the list of packing hacks for trips.


This one is a psychological trick but it works out anyway. Wear the heavy ones of your clothing and accessories while you are traveling rather than packing because this will help you reduce some shoulder weight and keep your luggage light. Not only that, wearing things like a heavy pair of jeans, heavy jacket and your favorite pair of sneakers will not only save an apartment full of luggage space but also keep you warm in freezing flight temperatures. You can in fact use the free space in your bags to store some extra totes which might be useful when you are in your destination. And this was our last but not the least one on the list of packing hacks for trips.

Just let go of all those business class flights that have become really bossy and business-like. Follow these packing hacks for trips and then sit down to book some cheap flight tickets with your last minute plans. We hope you found this article useful and if you did then do not forget to like, comment and share this article with everyone you know. Adios!

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Written by Srilu Uppari

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