The Nominal Fee For The UAE Residency Visa Will Surprise You!

Property Investment in Dubai 2024 with UAE Residency Visa 

Due to several positive features, the real estate hub has pondered hundreds of business giants to make property investments in Dubai in 2024. The main aspects drawing investors are tax benefits, safe and sound atmosphere, high rental yield and excellent ROI. The best area to buy property in Dubai guided by a real estate agency in Dubai confirms and guarantees your property investment to be constructive and beneficial. Off plan properties for sale in UAE are considered the best option to invest in Dubai 2024 to gain capital appreciation and return on investment, but all applicable with featuring benefits for residency visa holders.

To make property investment in Dubai 2024 successful and aspiring for your following options, a UAE visa helps straightforwardly with many benefits that come along with it. The fees for residency UAE visa have attracted many to make investments; the government’s main objective is to promote their land with multiple investments in the gulf, making it easier for expats and foreigners to attain one easily. Buying a property for sale in Dubai has made it much easier for those holding a UAE residency visa.

UAE Residency Visa Perks

The following are the main perks of having a UAE residency visa, which will double your chances of making property investments in Dubai 2024.

1. Bank Accounts 

You can create a local bank account and manage your funds and transactions more effectively by proving your residency.

2. Bank Loans

As a resident, you can apply for various bank loans, including personal and auto loans, giving you financial flexibility and the chance to make sizeable investments or purchases.

3. Travel Visa Free

A resident’s ability to enter several countries without a visa simplifies international travel and allows them to visit new places without worrying about securing one.

4. Best Education 

Living in the area allows your kids to attend public or private schools, giving them access to various learning experiences and avenues for academic advancement.

5. Licenses

As proof of residency, you can get a local driver’s license, increasing your mobility and providing you the legal right to drive anywhere in the area, adding to your convenience and independence overall.

6. Insurance 

It also qualifies you for health insurance, which provides peace of mind and financial security in an emergency.

7. Government Health Services

Residency guarantees you access to government health services and facilities vital for your well-being.

“You might be thinking that there are so many benefits, but at what price? So, don’t worry, we have a special surprise regarding the UAE Residency Visa prices.”

Pretty Affordable Fee of UAE Residency Visa! 

The most exciting part of your search has begun as this area will guide you about the nominal fee structure of attaining a UAE residency. The price is so underrated that it has yet to gain as much of the popularity it needs but we will highlight the main factor through which investors will be heavily drawn to make property investment in Dubai 2024 at a higher glance.

Buy comfortable apartments in Dubai with the best real estate companies in UAE and gain a good deal.

1. Nominal Fee of UAE Residency Visa 

For foreign visitors looking to spend a longer time in the nation for business, pleasure, or to make property investment in Dubai 2024, this choice shows to be a significant advancement. The UAE has announced the availability of a 5-year resident visa at a low charge of AED 720 to improve accessibility to residency in the Emirates. This way, foreign investors can buy the best investment properties in Dubai as it is the foreigner’s favourite location. Apart from this, the advancement and leniency in pricing for visas will attract more freelancers and workers accordingly.

UAE Visa Best for Freelancers 

According to Khaleej Times, the Green visa for freelancers or self-employed must undergo the following procedure to obtain one. People must fulfil specific requirements to qualify for a freelance work permit issued by the UAE’s Ministry of Emiratization and Human Resources (MOHRE). A bachelor’s degree, equivalent, or speciality diploma is the minimal educational prerequisite. Candidates must also show that they are financially stable by sustaining a self-employment income of at least AED 360,000 per year, or the equivalent in foreign currency, for the previous two years.

In addition, documentation demonstrating continuous financial ability for the duration of the person’s UAE residency must be provided. These standards are necessary to obtain a residency visa in UAE; thus, you can make property investments in Dubai 2024 to be more legalized and sponsored.

Visa Fee Structure of UAE

The UAE’s attractiveness as a destination for individuals seeking a prolonged and fulfilling stay in this dynamic and vibrant country is further enhanced by this simplified pricing structure for the 5-year residence permit. As you want to make a property investment in Dubai in 2024, you need a residency visa, and for that visa, the price structure mentioned below is pretty affordable.

  • Residence Permit Fee: 200 AED
  • Knowledge Fee: 10 AED
  • Innovation Fee: 10 AED
  • In-Country Fee: 500 AED

So the next time you plan to buy premium property in Dubai, UAE, the visa will help you gain maximum profit and return on investment as a state citizen because the top real estate companies in Dubai refer to those individuals who are citizens or have visas. Therefore, you will make good numbers on your investment for buying comfortable apartments in Dubai or investing in off plan properties for sale in Dubai.

Skilled Workers Attaining Green Visa Aspects 

According to ADRO, a skilled worker must be classified at the first, second, or third occupational level by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) in order to apply for a Green Visa. By skill level, MoHRE’s job classification matches the International Standard Classification of Occupations with nine levels. In addition, the employee must hold a bachelor’s degree in one of several skilled subjects, such as science, law, education, culture, or social sciences, and a valid work contract for AED 15,000.

UAE residency visa is the main key of uplifting your next investment and selling as being the legal member of the country you will get good deals on selling and buying .

Buy Premium Property in Dubai, UAE, with UAE Residency Visa 

The extra benefit of a faster application process for a UAE resident visa makes property investment in Dubai 2024 more easily accessible and legally efficient. This strategy makes property ownership easier and emphasises how much of an individual’s contribution to the area is valued. Dubai’s ability to provide a legal route to residence strengthens its allure as a real estate destination. It gives investors a physical possession and the chance to live a longer, more fulfilling stay in this international centre.


Getting submerged in the country’s vibe and aesthetics is to become a part of it legally. With sound paperwork, your experience is levelled up, which can always be duplicated or mimicked by staying as a guest or for a limited time. The country residency visa comes in handy, which will help you in every aspect, as becoming a citizen brings benefits. A UAE residency visa is the best way to gain capital appreciation by making property investments in Dubai 2024 in off plan and planned properties for sale. Getting one is more straightforward than it may seem, although the new regulations and ease of obtaining one have grasped the attention of more investors.


1. What are the benefits of getting a UAE residence visa? 

You can obtain several financial services by opening a bank account, such as applying for personal or auto loans. You can also enter several countries without a visa if you have this account. Additionally, your kids have the option of attending private or public schools. Getting a driver’s license makes augmenting your mobility even more possible, offering an all-encompassing structure for monetary security, global travel, education, and transit.

2. Is the UAE residence visa permanent? 

Foreign nationals need to secure a UAE residency visa to be granted a long-term stay in the nation. A person’s visa may be valid for one to ten years, depending on the circumstances surrounding its issuance.

3. How much deposit is submitted for a property visa in UAE? 

This money guarantee is a deposit that can be refunded when the requirements are met, or the visa expires. However, a significant stake of AED 3,000 is required for property visas, highlighting the more substantial financial commitment connected with these types of visas.

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