Being married to a passionate entrepreneur 101

A relationship is a close connection between two people which is formed by deep emotional bonds. Most would agree that it is truly priceless to have someone in your life who believes in you and your dreams, inspires you and motivates you to do better. Entrepreneurs are huge risk takers and goal chasers. What happens when someone marries such a daring person? A lot of the times, entrepreneurs might seem selfish, self-absorbed and obsessed with work. Having such a partner can be quite stressful and challenging. One of the most obvious issues that a lot of couples have is the lack of communication, as well as lack of quality time spent together. If you are in love with an entrepreneur and do not know how to deal with some of these problems, then here are a couple of useful tips to help you along the way.

1. Do not ask your partner „Why are you always at work?“

Being married to someone who is constantly at work is not easy. Since owning your own business is a big deal, a lot of the times your significant other will be under a lot of stress. Owning your own business is demanding and it requires nerves of steel as well as a good work ethic. As a matter of fact, you should come to terms with the fact that your partner will be at work all day or maybe miss a couple of date nights that you were looking forward to. Instead of uttering the line „Why are you always at work?“ try asking your partner how you could help them relax. Of course, you should ask this question in a loving and kind tone. By simply agreeing to take a short walk, or by giving a back massage, you are able to show your partner that you are caring and thoughtful.

2. Do not put yourself in competition with your partner’s business

Frequently, you might think that since your entrepreneur partner is at work all day and night, that they value their business more than they value you. By putting yourself in competition with your partner’s business, you only convey the message of being too needy. It is important to understand that your partner invested a lot of time and money into making his (or her) dream come true. After putting so much effort into starting your own business, it is vital that the other person understand that their partner’s business should be valued and appreciated. Instead, try asking for some quality time together in order to connect. Sadly, a lot of marriages of this type end in divorce. For reliable and professional advice, reputable divorce lawyers are what you should be searching for. With the help of a well-respected team, your interests will be represented. Hopefully, it does not come to this, and you are able to work things out by setting aside some quality time to connect.

3. Leave out the negativity

Furthermore, questions such as „Isn’t it hard to find customers?“or „Will anyone is interested in purchasing it?“ will make your partner lose interest. Since your entrepreneur partner is probably constantly thinking about all the ways things could go wrong, your added negative comments will not be needed. Alternatively, it is important to stay supportive and encouraging. Instead, try asking your partner what you could do to spread the word and bring more clients in. By doing so, you show that you believe in your partner and their dream.

4. Understand that there will be ups and downs

A lot of people think that being in a relationship with an entrepreneur means that you will live like in a fairytale. As a matter of fact, it is important to realize that these are unrealistic expectations and that there will be ups and downs like in every other relationship. Long working hours and minimal time for a family should not come as a surprise. To go around this issue, it is important that both people communicate clearly. Also, the other partner should not forget to pursue their own interests and passions. In summary, there is something thrilling about dating an entrepreneur. Even though they might seem as stressed out workaholics who have not got a lot of time to be around their family, it is possible to find ways to communicate and connect.

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Written by Leila Dorari

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