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For The Lady Luck Of Your Life

Undoubtedly women play very important role in our life. International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March to acknowledge their importance in our lives. It is impossible to even think of surviving without them. Women are reason and season of our existence. They are like commandos on a mission and every single day and every single moment of their life they live it for others. Kudos to her selfless attitude towards her loved ones. Be it her role as a mother, sister, wife or daughter she fulfills each of the role with utmost honesty. She justifies each and every aspect of all relation that she is involved in.

Women, she bears the pain of bringing a new life on Earth and nurtures the life, and makes the new life capable of surviving in this planet. She takes innumerable pain to make others happy. She sacrifices so much and in turn she expects nothing. However we owe it to her. Thus promise yourself that this women’s day you will the celebrate the lady lucks of your life be it, your mom, sister, wife, friend, or daughter, they simply deserve this.

How can you make this special for, get her a gift or take her out, these are good ideas but how does a lady express her love. Simply by treating your taste buds with her aromatic hand cooked food. Are you scared that you cannot simply match her standards in culinary skills, trust me you do not have to also. There is no need to cook a seven courses meal for her. There is no requirement of cooking a elaborate breakfast, lunch or dinner for her, simply because you will mess up her kitchen and then even God will not be able to save you from her temper. Thus just cook some simple yet graceful recipes for her.

Honor the woman in your life with simple but healthy and refreshing desserts, mocktails or drinks. She needs a refreshing treat as she is just forgets who she is when with you. A woman is quite often described as water just for the reason that she adapts and accepts the mode in which she is poured or mixed.

As the temperature is rising so just treat her with simple minted watermelon popsicles. What better than watermelon and mint to help her rejuvenate and at the same time boost her immunity. Another interesting take can be cucumber mint mocktail. The perfect drink to remove all her tiredness. The best combination of mint and cucumber with a dash of lemon is simply irresistible and soothing. It will definitely cool her down. A lady’s love to ice cream can never end. Thus give a hand to our Indian ice cream, kulfi. Add a simple twist of grapes in it, the sweet and tangy combination is just the personification of the phenomenal lady on whose honor you created the delicacy. Well ladies are stressed so just reverse it and treat her with a healthy, mango almond tart.

Whatever you may decide upon just do it with love and see the sunshine smile on the face of your lady luck. You can get the amazing recipes from here:

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