5 Environmentally Friendly Technologies That Are Trying To Change The World

In recent years, there has been a massive urgency to reduce our carbon footprint and make changes in our lifestyle that will impact climate change in a positive way. Technology has been introduced to help make this change and significantly reduce waste and fossil fuel use. Green energy now appears to be the trend for saving the planet and here is a roundup of 5 different technologies that’s doing just that.

Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are considered one of the most harmful products when it comes to endangering nature, harming animals and other wildlife. Avani, a company based in Bali, Indonesia has come up with a way to stop this from occurring. Their plastic bags are not only 100% biodegradable, but they’re also compostable and edible to drink! How is it possible? The bag is created by cassava root starch and without any petroleum product.

Eco-friendly Burial Suit

Burial and decomposition methods in death denial have been embedded so much into our culture, we completely forget just how harmful they can be to our environment. Caskets use up tonnes of wood each year to create them, whilst cremation centre’s release large amounts of CO2 into our atmosphere which makes it extremely harmful. The team at COEIO have come up with an eco-friendly burial suit which contains mushrooms and microorganisms. They are eco-friendly in 3 ways; aid the decomposition process, neutralises toxins in the body and transfers nutrients to plants. Essentially, bodies in the burial suit that are used at funeral services help to enrich new life.

Food Recycler

Imagine having compost form in just 24 hours. Well, now it’s possible through the ZERA food recycler. If you’re a big green finger and enjoy doing plenty of gardening at home, depositing your food waste into the ZERA food recycler will turn it into waste within 24 hours. This means that less household food waste will end up at landfill each year,

Solar Wallpaper

What’s great about this technology is that you can put it just about anywhere. All it requires is a bit of sticky tape and it can stick on pretty much any surface. Whether you want to add a little vinyl to your car or a caravan that you take out regularly for family outings, it’s a fantastic way to generate electricity with the help of solar power. This has been made by the creators of Sunflar who feel that anything that’s built under the sun should be powered by the sun too.

Green Energy Suppliers

There has been a recent development of green energy suppliers in recent years, which is helping to improve energy supply so it becomes less harmful to the environment. This provides customers with the option to be more ethical with their energy use and switching can be relatively easy. All you’d need to do is hop online or call up your energy provider who can do the process for you. If you consider the amount of energy that’s released from your home, you can make great improvements to your reducing carbon footprint.

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Written by Jamie Costello

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