Experiential Technology introducing innovative ways for product advertising

Advertising a product through traditional ways of marketing are left behind ever since experiential marketing solutions came into play. In the current era of digitalization, digital marketers are inclining towards experiential technology solutions to stay ahead in the race. Brands are taking the help of a brand activation agency for developing experiential technology campaigns to leverage. A survey reports that a major incline towards experiential marketing solutions has been witnessed in the past few years.

Experiential technology solutions not only gave the brand a new hike, but it made it easier for brands to interact with their customers. Experiential technology has become a core of strategic marketing dynamics and helps in building customer brand relationships while connecting them emotionally. Experiential technology solutions make it easier for a brand to reach a wider audience base, without any geographical limitations.

It opens a two-way communication between the brand and customers. It allows brands and customers to have real-time interactions to understand each other in a much better way.

Experiential marketing solutions allow brands to deliver the brand message clearly to its potential audience without getting lost in a clutter of advertisements. The key players of various sectors and the new brands all are opting for experiential solutions for advertising a product. Whether you want to launch a new product in the market, change the image of an existing product or want to introduce a new brand to the market, experiential technology solution is an answer to all. It helps your brand or product message to reach millions within no time.

It helps in boosting interactions, which allows brands to understand customers’ mindset more closely. Experiential technology campaigns evoke a sense of fun among audiences while providing valuable information. Experiential Technology has introduced innovative ways for product advertising that are creating a buzz in the current era. Brands that opt for experiential technology campaigns tend to gain success in no time and become the sensation of the internet industry while reaching millions. It helps in boosting interactions globally while increasing the sales lead of the product or the brand. A recent survey reports that 98% of consumers are likely to purchase a brand that is more interactive and uses experiential marketing technology instead of old traditional ways of marketing. Experiential marketing solutions are growing at a faster rate as it helps brands to leverage as it comes with enormous benefits that traditional marketing is unlikely to serve.

Some innovative ways for product advertising introduced by experiential technology solutions

1. Mixed reality

Augmented reality photo booths and virtual reality photo booths help you to advertise your product very effectively. AR photo booths and VR photo booths give mind-blowing experiences to viewers and give your product a new hike. It set new dimensions for any brand or product and set it ahead of competitors. In AR photo booth the green curtain is replaced with digital photographs from around the world. In the VR photo booth, guests can get clicked in the real atmosphere. AR-VR photo booths are considered as one of the effective experiential technology solutions for advertising any product.

2. Instagram Hashtag Printer

Instagram hashtag printer is the most trending and innovative way of experiential marketing solutions. Instagram hashtag printer tops the chart when any brand plans to opt for experiential technology solutions. Whether it’s a corporate event or a personal event, the Instagram hashtag printer is the answer to all. It evokes the element of fun in the event while boosting interaction between customers and the brand. It allows attendees at the brand event to get clicked and upload the pictures to Instagram or Twitter along with the event hashtag. You can get printed instantly as soon as you upload a picture of the event on Instagram with the event hashtag. It allows attendees at the event to have fun while boosting real-time interactions.

3. Social cafe or tweet cafe

For a brand to leverage and become the talk of the town, experiential marketing solution is required. Experiential technology has introduced various innovative ways of advertising a product. Tweet cafe or Social cafe is one such way to make your newly launched product gain more hike and likes while reaching millions globally. Who doesn’t like gifts? I think everyone does. A large number of audiences get attracted when the brand offers surprise gifts. For advertising a product, a brand must opt for social cafe or tweet cafe and give hampers or miniatures of newly launched products as gifts. To make your brand experiential technology campaign reach millions, just write a tweet, the hashtag created by the brand for promoting the product along with a specific box number. It helps your newly launched product or brand to create buzz on social media while making you a step ahead of competitors.

 Apart from these, there are various other ways of experiential marketing solutions that help brand leverage. Selecting the right experiential technology solutions suiting the needs and demands of the brand or product makes your brand campaign notch higher and advertise your product more effectively.

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