Tips To Help Small Businesses Retain Customers & Increase Brand Awareness

In today’s world, it is really hard for a small to medium enterprise to survive. And it is getting harder still. The market is highly competitive, there is new business coming online every day. The customers are highly informed and have high expectations for the company. In this type of environment, small businesses need to focus on making their brand extremely memorable so that they increase customer loyalty and retain the customers that they have while making new ones. Here are some of the ways you can use branding techniques to make your customers depend on your products or services and increase their loyalty towards your brand:


Branding is all about retention. The customers need to know your brand so well that they recognize it anywhere they see it. That means two things:

  • First that your brand should be visible enough
  • Second, it should be recognizable enough.

You can achieve this goal through target marketing. Since branding is all about retention, you need to drill down on your customers. A lot of companies make their sales funnels for new customers and in the process lose their existing customers. They should be making sales funnels for existing customers too. It is a better investment of your time and money. Research shows that it takes 5 times more to acquire new customers as compared to retaining existing ones.

Customers leave a company for a competitor who satisfies their needs better and more quickly. Target marketing is an excellent way to offer discounts and deals to your repeat customers. They will really appreciate it and it will strengthen their loyalty towards your brand. Make sure that any communication that you send have your logo to drill your brand into the customers’ mind. If you don’t have a good enough logo, you can contact the best company logo design in town to make one for you. This will ensure visibility and retention.


Retaining your customers nowadays is all about providing personalized experiences. You need to ensure that all your customers get a tailored experience whenever they land on your website. More people care about the experience than they do about the price.

Communicate with your customers and ask them about their expectations. It’s not always easy to do so, but it has to be done. This way you can ensure that you give your customers the kind of experience that they are looking for. Not only will this lead to higher sales, but it will also etch your brand in your customers’ minds and increase their loyalty. Your customers will feel more comfortable with you than with anyone else.


Most companies remember their customers when the sales are going down. As long as sales are fine, they don’t feel the need to communicate with their customers. That is a mistake. If you have an ongoing relationship with your customers, it will help you with customer retention and your branding as your customer will be highly engaged and they will become your word of mouth for the rest of the world.

You can do this through surveys, polls, or asking them about your upcoming products and what would they like to see in those products. Some of the best ideas for product developments can come through your customers. Don’t underestimate them. This way you will save a lot of money on marketing and they will feel engaged.


Nowadays, branding is not just a company’s task, customers do it too. The thing to watch out for is whether branding is positive or negative. Thanks to social media platforms, everyone can go online and leave a review of any product or service. Providing great customer service ensures that your customers leave great reviews about your brand and their experience with it. Even if they don’t share online, they will share it with their family and friends. Unparalleled customer service includes:

  • Consistency
  • On-time delivery
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Error-free process
  • Accepting and handling issues
  • Creating value

Ensure these points and you can make sure that your customers will not only remain with you for a long time but also they will become your word of mouth marketing and ensure that your brand’s visibility increases exponentially.

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Written by Sarah Jay

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