The Best Way to Hook Your Customer with Animated Video

While surfing, reading a text can be boring. Many users are scrolling and don’t want to bother reading or are busy, but human brains catch attention on the motion. This makes it easy to understand why YouTube is the second-best search engine and 3rd best social media platform in the entire world. Users feel comfortable watching video content rather than overloading their eyes with text.A business sale depends on the ever-changing demands of a customer. What marketing techniques one year was before is not the same anymore. People are busier and pay less attention to the text, this is where explainer videos come to save the day like a hero for many brands these days. The only thing a brand need’s to do is to focus on the right type and tone of the explainer video.

Are you wondering how you can hook up your users to animated explainer videos? We will tell you how,

  • Combine Information and Entertainment

Yes, you read it right, when you provide a motion video which is fun to watch, viewers will want to see it. The online competition between brands is fierce. Every unique idea can get duplicated. So how can you make your video content different?

The answer is the 3 W’s – Who-What-Why?

Motion + Information + Entertainment= Attention Grabber.

Your target audience wants to know who you are. What you sell? Why they should purchase it from you? Have a detail look on your landing page, instead of focusing on a welcome pop-up or a spinning wheel. Let the customer know you through an amusing animated explainer story. When you add details and fun together, well-explained video content can get you, potential customers.

  •  Focus on Audience Emotions 

When you present an explainer video with a pensive and expressive visual story with animated characters related to the audience, it can develop an emotion in the audience. The video can be in a story-telling or Infographics way and still be well-explained on the 3 W’s of your business. Create a heartfelt entertainment with information. Many Animated Video Company know what the users are demanding on the social media platform, this is why you should choose them for promoting your brand, campaigns, or events as they are professionals and know the consumer mind-set. As a brand, you know all the details about your products, but as an animated company, these professionals know how to catch the human mind and let them focus on your products. A creative story-telling animated explainer video can intrigue to determine more information, and it could bring traffic to your business.

  • A personal touch with live-action and animation

Since our focus is to make sure clients hook up with your video content, sprinkling a personal touch is essential – what we meant is a human connection. Your video can add graphic, activity and illustrate with an actor who can explain it in a fun and engaging way the Who-What-Why of your brand.

  • Influence customers to use your product or service.

If every-time you make a video in which you keep on explaining the 3 W’s would not be effective on the viewers. A viewer who is watching your video may not be your target audience, but if your explainer video is arousing, the customer may change their mind and think about purchasing your product or service.

  • Let viewers know about your existence.

The world’s best search engines are Google and YouTube. Every user searches on these platforms to know about a product or service. There is a high chance they can find your explainer video, and if it is well-explained, you can create benefiting opportunities like the following,

  • Potential customers will view your product or service.
  • Videos are efficient and better communicated. Therefore, sign-ups and purchases are likely to be increased 2X or 3X.
  • Your viewers can share your video on their social media platform to get you more attention.
  • Video content help viewers remember a brand by 90%; therefore, chances are you can get free-mouth publicity.

Visual media has provided an interesting way of conveying a message which can be remembered for a long time, and this is no more possible by words. A good animated explainer video is hard to neglect.

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