Must Have Technologies for Every BPO Company!

Business process outsourcing firms have always helped companies lacking in-house expertise in getting professionals on-board in the budget. Organizations that lack the in-house expertise to handle secondary functions outsource to an external experienced partner so that services are handled well. Mostly, services like customer support, IT, finance, and accounting are outsourced to an external partner. Since these sectors demand the availability of a team of experts 24X7, thus, companies find it cost-efficient to outsource to a professional in the relevant field.

Outsourcing helps to save cost and time on repetitive hiring and training. Moreover, by outsourcing, the in-house agents are free to focus on primary responsibilities. Conversely, the secondary responsibilities are handled well too.

In today’s era, where modern technologies are delivering a swift and automated touch to business services, outsourcing companies are leveraging the same to simplify business functions. How are BPOs using these latest technologies?

Well, earlier traditional methods were all about handling secondary outsourced functions manually. However, BPO companies today use artificial intelligence, cloud services, data analytics, voice recognition modules, and social media platforms to enhance services to the customer.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal thus the use of modern tools is necessary. Customers’ demand keeps on changing as per the market demand and no customer likes to outsource to partners who still stick to traditional forms. This is the reason, every BPO company needs to integrate modern technologies so that services to the customer are swift and time-taken to perform the functions are less.

With the need to be available at the customers’ support 24X7, BPOs have to integrate modern technologies for hassle-free service performance. Do you know the latest technologies in use?

Technologies Every BPO Company Must Possess:

Data Analytics

Data management is highly significant for BPOs, as call centres have to handle multiple data sets of varied customers. Outsourcing companies receive multiple calls all day and analysing each call and the query is significant to bring adequate favourable changes in the business functions.

Not only is this, but to answer each caller with ease, agents require easy access to basic customer information. This is possible with data analytics, which inspects data and discovers useful information for enhanced decision-making.

Earlier manual processes were time taking and lead to mismanagement. However, data analytics helps to spend time on business productive functions rather than wasting time and money on data management. Integrating data analytics software, BPOs can manage all customer data and the agents can easily access the same at times of calls.

Imagine asking your customer for every basic personal information every next time there is a call. Wouldn’t it irritate them? Well, this is why data analytics helps to manage and make customer-centric information available in one go.

Social Media Management

Companies outsource to BPO firms intending to get 24X7 assistance for customers. Social media is one such platform where customers try to contact anytime. This is the reason businesses want 24X7 assistance so that customer concerns are resolved within time gaining supreme satisfaction.

If a business offers customer support for a definite time, the customers might get pissed off at times when they try to contact for any query resolution in off timings.

Social media is one such platform that can keep the business-customer connected always, thus taking care of efficient answering services for the same is indispensable. When we talk about technologies that every BPO company must use, social media is one such stream no BPO should ever avoid.

BPO agents need to be trained to handle social media concerns spontaneously, as it is a platform viewed by thousands of prospects/customers. Using bots is highly significant as it helps to answer inquiries instantly when a live agent is unavailable.

Social mediums help BPOs know more about customers, get close to them easily through texts, advertisements, hoardings, etc. Avoiding the same BPOs may be losing customers to the competitor. Thus, to make sure that customer satisfaction is never at risk, an efficient answering agent is indispensable.

Not only is this, but it is equally significant to enhance social media marketing strategy with AI-driven bots answering customer issues. In times of high traffic, bots can easily answer repetitive inquiries, so wasting time and money on hiring and training manual agents.

Voice Recognition for BPO Companies

Most outsourcing firms question the need for voice recognition in the BPO system. Well, voice recognition works on machine learning and AI algorithms and helps to convert voice messages into command.

With the help of IVR, no data from the customer call is ever missed, which is why the chance of customer dissatisfaction is minimum. BPOs should not miss integrating voice recognition bots in their service, as by doing so they might be compromising on customer satisfaction.

The ultimate goal of outsourcing is customer gratification and BPOs that have to handle multiple inquiries all day should leverage voice recognition so that managing customer satisfaction is not a dream at times of high call volumes.

Artificial Intelligence

Call centres that used traditional methods to answer customer queries can now augment services with AI in use. Companies need to shift to modern technologies to leverage the perks and offer astounding services to the customer.

24X7 service to the customer is been possible with the introduction of AI. Earlier manual agents could access customer queries only under a designated time, however with AI integration; BPOs earn enhanced satisfaction as AI-driven bots answer customer queries 24X7.

Bots understand customer concerns by stimulating conversations via text-to-speech and answer each customer instantly, which diminishes the chance of call abandonment, call queue, wrong answers to the customer, etc.

With the help of automated systems, call centres get ease in taking prompt automated actions. AI optimizes performance for call centres and even simplifies monotonous answering responsibilities with the use of bots. Thus, why hassling with manual services when bots can answer better.

Unified Communication Service

With the advent of unified communication service, businesses get the advantage of exchanging data with customers through multiple channels in the form of voicemail, chats, or emails. With the use of various channels, unified communication helps to notify the customer easily without exceeding costs.

Earlier calling was the only medium to reach the customer. However, today with the use of social media, webpages, texts, emails, etc. getting along customers with all business-related information has become easier for agents.

Cloud System

The need for a data storage space hired with huge costs is debunked with cloud solutions. The Cloud system allows the employees to access the customer information for call support service without the need to be physically present in the office. Remote working is possible with could integration where all the necessary data is available on an internet server and can be swiftly accessed with passwords by the employees.

Cloud communication helps with flexibility in business functions. In times of a pandemic, like the recent COVID-19, cloud solutions helped BPO companies offer un-interrupted support by making all necessary data available over the internet.

With the help of cloud solutions, a BPO company can reduce its operational expenses and enhance productivity too.

Robotics Process Automation

With the help of RPA, BPOs can ease up their service accuracy, save operational costs, increase business productivity, and wok amid following a standard operating procedure.

With RPA integration, bots perform the mundane tasks, while the tasks demanding analytical thinking is left for manual agents. Moreover, BPOs need to integrate RPA functionalities because it helps to save cost on repetitive hiring and training.

RPA also helps with business consistency by managing repetitive tasks that require accuracy. With RPA at support, there is no threat of inaccuracies leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Wrapping Up:

“Eight of the fifteen biggest specialist organizations have marked arrangements or are marking arrangements to incorporate RPA into their procedures, frameworks, applications, and infrastructural setup.” – Gartner

To keep up the pace and to move on progressively following the changing business demands, every BPO company needs to integrate modern technologies without any doubt. No company ever wants to compromise customer satisfaction with traditional systems, thus with a much needed on-market demand, integrate the latest technologies and train your agents regularly to keep offering continual services.

Although technology cannot be human replacements, however, it can be used to simplify monotonous functions to save time to focus on productive responsibilities. Since BPO companies have a lot to do to attain customer satisfaction for partners’, thus leveraging the latest advancements in tech helps to save time and money. Technology has brought a paradigm shift in the work performance of the BPO industry, so why not leveraging it and enriching hassle-free services to the customer!

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