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What You Need to Know about Database If You Have a WordPressSite


A database can be said as the organized and structured set of data. From the aspect of computing terminology, this can be referred to the software which is used to organize as well as store data. You can think it as the cabinet, which you used for storing data, segregated in various sections known as tables. When you need to look a specific file, you can search for it in a particular table.

When it comes to database management system, WordPress makes uses of MySQL. This is a software which is used to frame databases. You can store as well as fetch the data whenever you need. Again, MySQL can be termed as an open source software and it pairs well with other similar software like Linux operating system¸ PHP, and Apache web server.

In order to install WordPress one needs the MySQL database. Generally, every WordPress hosting provider ensures that MySQL is included in the hosting packages. At the time of installation, you need to provide your database information to WordPress, and it can take care of the remaining matters.

Database hosting

Database host is referred to the computer, which hosts your database on the MySQL server. Usually, it is the work of the local host, and simply by entering the same in the host box you can get the WordPress connected to your database. However, some hosting companies prefer different names for hosting to manage the MySQL servers easily. You can come across the hostname in the Database sections of the control panel (hosting). For remote database management, one can get in touch with the experts at

What is Database Table?

Databases consist of tables which resemble cabinets and sections in your database system. Now each of the tables comes with columns. Moreover, information is stored in every row. Again, each of the rows has a specific field for each of the columns available in the table.

Wondering how can you manage WordPress Database?

It is essential to understand how you can perform specific tasks in the WordPress database. It can assist you in troubleshooting the common WordPress problems, thus, recovering your site becomes easier than ever. In fact, you can make it more secure from the general aspect. For instance, you may learn how to keep regular backups to ensure that technical problems do not mismanage your critical data. You can check out the WordPress plugins available. Using them, you can quickly create backups of all the operations you undergo on the WordPress platform. WordPress databases can also be managed with the help of phpMyAdmin, which is known to be an open source web application. It comes with an easy to access and nice graphical user interface for managing the MySQL databases.

What is SQL Query stands for?

Well, SQL is the short or abbreviated form of Structured Query Language, which stands for a particular programming language used for managing database. On the other hand, the query is known for being the specific instruction which is issued to the database server by SQL for retrieving the data.

To know more about the interconnection of WordPress and database you can check out our other blogs written by programming and WordPress experts.

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