10 Things to Remember before Planning Ladakh Road Trip

A forbidden land with the twirling stars around with the best of the adventurous road trip in the world, Ladakh is a wonderful place. But hang on! How many of you have been there?

If you are planning your trip to Ladakh for the first time then there are some things that you must remember since this should be the road trip to a height where there can be traffic jams, lack of network connectivity, and not much of infrastructure.

1. Medical Supplies

It is always important that you carry medical supplies with you. An emergency can arise anytime and when you are in Ladakh, you surely cannot predict what will happen next and that is why, it is important that you take every step with great care and while packing your bags, you must carry the first thing in it is the medical supplies.

2. Experienced Driver

Hire the right cab driver because only an experienced person who has been driving to and fro to Ladakh can drive. The roads are quite narrow and since it is at the upside you may get stuck at some point in time. If you are planning for a trip during snowfall then surely roads will all be blocked and you may have to wait for hours.

3. Have Some Extra Food Items Packed

As said earlier if you plan for a India trip in snow then there could be times you may have to stay at the roadside till the road gets clear and that is why it is important to have some snacks especially nuts and almonds packed with you as they generate heat and you can get some extra survival time.

4. Extra Clothes

This place might be just great but it is chilling most of the time and that is why always carry extra pair of clothing with you so that the risk of chilled breeze won’t bother you at all. It is important to have the clothing packed in the handbag that you shall be carrying with you all the time.

5. Emergency Toilet

Public toiletry is rare and if you are a girl then surely even to pee there could be a problem. So make sure you prepare yourself for that accordingly. That is not it, you need to also keep in mind that you have the public toilet papers with you because of the stomach gets upset then you have to pass the natural call in nature itself.

6. No Halting

There are so many panoramic views that would leave your jaws a wide-open but you need to understand that unsolicited stops increase the risk of accidents. So avoid doing it, rather click photos where it is told or there is a sign of the same.

7. Extra Network

Don’t just have one network connection with you. It is always better to have an extra card of different network’s most popular BSNL since it works the best even in this land region.

8. Right Documents

You must have all your basic yet important paperwork with you and that too in a safe condition. There are times when some security stops would ask for it and you need to carry the same for the verification.

9. More Water

Drink lots of water as there are no stores or other places so easily available in Ladakh where you can drink water as and when needed.

10. Be Ready For Camping

Ladakh might be a tourist destination but the roadway is quite a far one to achieve. You must make your mind about the camping stay so that when you visit the place you are ready to face all the things that nature would offer you. Walk Often! Don’t just sit rather, take long walks so that your body will get free and feel energetic as sitting for long hours in this road journey can be quite frustrating too.

Ladakh is a lovely place and there are so many things stored for you and frankly, you might want to delete some of the unnecessary apps to keep your phone memory good enough to capture bets of the moments.

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