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13 lip-smacking dishes from the exotic cuisine of Dubai

With a lip-smacking combination of Arabic, Iranian, and Lebanese food, the cuisine of Dubai will leave you stunned with its unlimited options. Whether you are a foodie or an adventurer, you will fall in love with the food options of Dubai. The aromatic essence of special spices will definitely make you a foodie in Dubai.

If you are planning a trip to Dubai and you don’t know much about the cuisine of Dubai, then this amazing dish-list will definitely help you to choose.

Main Course Dishes of Dubai

Iranian Sangak

Iranian Sangak is a perfect delight for those who love bread food and it easily makes it way to include itself in the list of Dubai Cuisines. This bread is made of whole wheat which can be served plain or in a rectangular shape.

Try it with Basil and Bulgarian Feta


Well known as local Pizza of Dubai, Manousheh offers amazing taste and proves to be the finest choice for breakfast. Stretched flatbread, filled with delicious ingredients such as salty akkawi cheese, earthy zaatar herbs and olive oil.

Try it with: Fruits topped with creamy sour labneh and sweet jam, boiled eggs, and minced lamb

Chelo Kebab

The Aromatic rice, scented with saffron and served with a pat of butter on delicious Kebabs – Chelo Kebab is another pride of Dubai’s exotic cuisine.

Try it with Sour Zereshk berries or fragrant dill

Al Machboos

Spicy rice, chicken pieces, salt and dried lemon, and seasoned with spices – Al Machboos excites everyone with its first look and the first bite of this change the expressions on faces with its amazing taste.

Try it with: One can enjoy it with salad and yoghurt raita


Made of three food layers, Fatteh is the perfect evening meal. Bread is on the lowest layers to get soaked, chickpeas & stuffed aubergines in the middle, and the final & upper layer is a yoghurt and tahini-sauce topping.

Try it with Parsley, roasted pine nuts, and paprika


Falafel is a dish made of ground chickpeas or fava beans. It is a deep-fried ball which is a perfect delight to eat. The typical Dubai cuisine is one of the favourites of Dubai’s people.

Try it with: match it with baba genus or hummus & pita

Street Food Options

Lahem Bl Ajin

Better, if we call it an Arab Pizza, Lahem Bl Ajin are delicious Lebanese flatbread pies with spicy ground meat toppings. People who love to have spicy dishes can opt this one in Dubai.

Try it with: Make it your choice flavouring with cayenne pepper, freshly squeezed lemon juice or Tabasco sauce

Taboon Bread

Very famous old bread, Taboon bread holds the flavour of Palestinian bread. The bread becomes extra delicious when it is served with olive oil and thyme. In Dubai, it is sold as street food, which is stuffed with hummus and falafel.

Try it with: with gravy meat dishes

Dessert Delights of Dubai


The people who are fond of sugar dishes in Dubai, Mahalabiya is favourite of most of them. The dish is a rich pudding enriched with rosewater and pistachios.


The most popular dish in Dubai during the month of Ramadan, Luqaimat are small-deep fried sugared dumplings, mainly made out of butter, milk, flour, sugar, and saffron.


Crowned as the queen of Arabic desserts, Knafeh is sticky pastry, made of yummy gooey sweet cheese. The rose-scented syrup and chopped pistachios make it more delicious and number one in the dessert options of Dubai.


Khanfaroosh is a yummy wonder made out of eggs, flour, sugar, yeast, cardamom, saffron, and rose water. The dessert is a great companion of a tea and a coffee cake.

Salad options in Dubai Cuisine


It is more delicious than it looks. It is a fantastic salad, made with tomatoes, green onions, and cucumber. The salad is seasoned with fresh mint and lemon juice and tastes yummy.

Try it with: Blueberries, corn, and the stuffed grape leaves version is also great to try

Dubai is the perfect mixture of Iranian and Lebanese food and it is favourite of most of the Indians and Gulf region people. To explore all the adventures and excitements of Dubai, book Dubai package.

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