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Planning a vacation during Christmas or New Year? While winters can be a great time to travel, it is also one of the busiest times. And one of the challenges you have to overcome when you travel in winters is to get a confirmed ticket especially if you are travelling by Train. Thanks to millions of passengers who rely on trains for their travel, booking a ticket is always a herculean task. However, apps and websites offering ticket booking are a saviour for many looking to book tickets from the comforts of their home or office.

While booking is easy now thanks to the app and website options, getting a confirmed ticket is not that easy. You need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to get a confirmed train PNR status. Let’s look at a few valuable tips that can help you book a confirmed ticket during this winter rush.

Find the App that Works for You:

Not long ago IRCTC was the only way to book online train tickets. It was meant to eliminate endless hours of waiting in line at the counters. However, an instant confirmation was not guaranteed. Now there are multiple apps that enable us to book confirmed tickets easily.

These apps work well with the majority of popular phones and devices and use algorithms, well-tested ideas, real-time train information and past train histories to calculate the possibility of getting a confirmed ticket. Users can see and compare train schedules before making a booking. Users can also check PNR status and delays, locate platform, book meals, cancel tickets amongst other things.

Be Flexible and Avoid Peak Times:

Once you’ve identified the apps that work for you, check the train schedule and times. Be smart and avoid the peak time and season if possible. For instance, try to plan your vacation before or after the Christmas and New Years unless unavoidable.

Getting a confirmed ticket especially during festivals or on certain days can be tricky. Do your homework and try to identify the days and times that are less busy. This small trick will go a long way in getting you that confirmation!

Check Alternate Routes and Destinations:

Sometimes your preferred routes or destinations have a long waitlist but don’t feel disheartened. There is a simple trick to still score that confirmed ticket. Check for alternate routes and destinations. Alternatives and combinations for routes can assist in scoring a confirmed ticket for the majority of your journey. Combine this with a short car or a bus ride and voila you have reached your destination.  However, do account for possible fog conditions especially in northern India if you plan to travel to or from your start/end destination by road or any other means.

Sleeper Vs AC Vs Chair Car in Winters:

A train usually has five types of bogies – Sleeper, Chair Car, 3AC, 2AC, and 1AC. Unlike summers when the demand for AC seats is exceptionally high due to extreme heat, winters are easier to travel, and the sleeper seats share the load with the AC compartments. Thus, you have higher chances of getting AC seats in winters than summers. Moreover, if the journey is not too long and the train you choose has a chair car, there are higher chances of you getting a confirmed ticket.

Train Ticket Quotas :

If no tickets are available through the general quota, you can always check to see if you qualify for tickets through another quota. For instance, if you are a female traveller of 60+ years, you will be eligible for both the ladies and the senior citizen quota. Or if affordability is not an issue, you can try to book a confirmed ticket through the premium tatkal quota. So, be smart and take advantage of these incredible schemes.

Now that you know some valuable secrets to get a confirmed ticket, make sure you implement them and book your seat comfortably. After all, no one should start a beautiful journey with that dreaded awful word ‘waitlisted’ flashing on their Train PNR status.

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Summary:Thanks to online booking through website and apps, you no longer have to wait endlessly now to get confirmed train tickets for your next trip. Read on and find out some smart and simple but very effective and hassle-free ways to book your next trip and get a confirmed ticket this winters.

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