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Best Places to Visit In Jaisalmer During Night

The nightlife in the city of Jaisalmer is as famous as the morning tourism destination places. After a tiring day spent visiting different places in the morning, all a tourist would need in the night is some sort of entertainment and a relaxing ambiance. Most of the Desert Camp in Jaisalmer have their own private Disco floor which are open for all the guests and is open until the late hours in the Midnight. Besides there are also some places that are a Must Visit during night in Jaisalmer. Here is all you need to know about the nightlife in Jaisalmer. So, let’s begin!

The Abandoned Village of Kuldhara

The abandoned village of Kuldhara is one of the top places from Jaisalmer tour package especially during night. This place is extremely famous for its nightlife and most of the tourists are seen visiting this place only during the nights because of its Haunted myths (And of course because some tourists are too curious to know if this place is actually haunted or not.. :-p)! This village has a history of a community called the ‘Palwari Brahmins’ which was believed to have abandoned this village overnight and vanished into the death of the night leaving this village with many haunted stories that the local folks believe to be true! The famous Kuldhara Fort is located in the heart of this place and he is one of the major tourist attractions in the night. So if you are an adventure enthusiast and want to explore haunted villages, the Kuldhara village is the best to visit loaded with not one but many haunted stories! Most of the tourist also say that there is an awkward silence in the force during the night and this silence is not at all comforting! Well, for people who are scared of ghosts and do not want to explore about ghosts, visiting this place in the night is definitely a bad idea.

Witness the Nightlife at its Best in The Local Streets of Rajasthan

The nightlife in the local streets of Rajasthan is filled by the Rajasthani folk dances and the local Rajasthani music that’s totally mesmerizing! If you are a lover of folk style dances and music you will totally fall in love with the performances of the Rajasthani folklore here. What’s more is the very tasty pakoras and chai which is served at almost every Hotel during the night when the Rajasthani folk song is performing to the beats of folk songs. So here can book Rajasthan tour package with Royal Adventure Tour

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