Top 10 Must-Visit Places to Go in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a great tourist destination especially after 2018 when tourists are allowed to visit the kingdom. It was thought that Saudi Arabia is only a Muslim visited place because of the Islamic sacred places in Saudi Arabia. It was a center of Halal Holidays before 2018 but after that, the kingdom turned to be progressive when Mohammed Bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia opened the ways for tourists to visit the country.

The Crown Prince took many decisions to make Saudi Arabia a tourist-friendly destination. Now you can find your way to Saudi Arabia anytime, anywhere, and can enjoy your time as you do on the other destinations of earth.

Top Best Tourist Attractions in Saudi Arabia:

So You tend to visit Saudi Arabia this time to have some different experiences. Well, Your matter of concern is to know about the places to visit in your upcoming Saudi Holidays. As per my experience, I can suggest many places in Saudi Arabia to visit and have amazing family time. This time, Saudi Arabia is all braced to give you a different and thrilling experience.

Mecca – The Central Attraction:

I’m not sure if it is allowed for everyone to get into Haram Mosque, but yes you are welcome to the world’s most beautiful city Mecca if you are Muslim. This city is full of many Islamic Sacred places and other interesting aspects to explore. Hajj is a compulsory part of Islam and every year, thousands of Muslims come from around the world and gather at one place to worship their God. Mecca can be visited anytime you want if for example you just want to explore the city from a tourist’s eye.

Madaiin Saleh Near Hejaz:

It almost comes in the region of Hejaz and a very archeological site if you are in search of the old ruins in Saudi Arabia. If you are a history lover and fond to explore the old remains, Madaiin Saleh is the ideal place you should not miss. The Site will give you a glimpse of thousands of years of civilization, how language, and developed among an Arab tribe. You will enjoy your time being in Madain Saleh learning about the old civilization of Arabs. There are rocks, fortresses, and other remains you should visit. This site is near Medina, you can grab any transport and can reach the place in almost 3 or 4 hours.

Riyad’s Famous Center Tower:

This is called Kingdom Centre Tower and the ideal, central destination to visit in Riyad. The reason to visit the Tower could be to have the most glamorous views of the city from the height and entertainment it offers.

Other than this, Masmak fortress is also there in Riyadh waiting for your visit. In Riyad, you should visit the King Abdulaziz Historical center to get the right experiences. King Abdullah Park in the night time would add some colorful thrilling experiences you must take.

Red Sea Project:

Yet another effort from the Saudi government to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia is to build a red sea on the Arab red sea peninsula. If you are planning for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, or other water sports, you can get to this location to have a complete package of fun and entertainment. I have been there twice and I enjoyed it. If you are traveling to Saudi Arabia and know about this place, you must have the swimming dresses and snorkeling kits and all that in your baggage. I will suggest you to follow the proverb, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

This was important to tell you because, in Saudi Arabia, women are subjected to criticism on their dresses and freedoms they ask. Saudi Crown gave permission regarding many things related to women but still, there is a conservative perspective still prevails. So if you are going to this place, see if it is okay to wear Bikni or other casual dresses.

Woman in Saudi Arabia – Breaking Stereotypes:

If you are alone traveling to Saudi Arabia for holidays and you are a woman, you should not worry. This is strange but a very interesting thing that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia is in favor of liberating the people and their values. Women are allowed to ride the car themselves, They are now allowed to take part in Elections too. If you are a woman traveler and tend to visit Saudi Arabia alone, you don’t need to worry. The world is traveling all around without fears, you should also give it a try. Saudi Women are now growing to be more progressive. In Saudi Arabia, you will get a good welcome and be take care of well.

Riyadh Owes a Hidden Gem:

Riyadh owes Heet Cave like hidden gems to discover. It is the most natural place you will find. When I reached the place after a stressful city walks, believe me, it was so soothing and peaceful to be there. Between the cold caves, there is a pool of clean, green water. Take a refreshing dip and be in the water. I slept there on the side for like an hour and I was all energetic to explore Riyad’s other nooks again. You also should give a try to such out the beaten paths in Saudi Arabia. Are you ready to receive such fun in Saudi Arabia?

Roam and Shop in Souk Okhad:

It is the best part of your trip to visit the Souk Okhad. It was Bazaar for a long and now a very busy tourist destination. You will find every shop in the Bazar. Find a story teller when you reach the place, you should listen to the history of the place he would tell you. Also, shop there something traditional for family and friends. If it suits you, you can have the local street food too. I have seen many tourists who come across the souk, they eat and have a good time in Saudi Arabia.

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