17 Best Real Estate Business Ideas

Given the magnitude of profit that the real-estate sector offers, a growing number of people are on the lookout to become a part of the industry. But the real estate industry isn’t just about buying and selling houses. There is, in fact, a lot more you can do.

From becoming a blogger specializing in real estate to becoming a bird-dogger working from home and on to the flash and glam of being a much sought-after realtor, real estate as a sector has many professions to offer.

If you are looking to start a business related to or in the periphery of real estate, you have reached the right place. This article enumerates the top business ideas that you can use to build a career in real estate. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Top Real Estate Business Ideas

1. Real estate blogging

If you have a flair for writing and enjoy doing so, starting up a real-estate blog is a strong option for you to consider. You could write about promotional events, inform your community about open–house visits, and even write blurbs and reviews for property listings.

2. Architect

This option is a bit constrained in its reach. For starters, you need to have a degree in Civil Engineering. If you have the required certification, starting up an architecture firm can help you bring in big bucks.

3. Real Estate Agent

Property agents rule the roost in the real estate sector. With massive payoffs for each property they sell or get tenants for, being a real estate agent is one of the pursued professions of the industry. What’s more, it requires 0 investment.

4. Cleaning Company

Properties need cleaning, and given the size of the real estate industry, starting up a cleaning service is a wise move. There will be a bit of initial investment in a crew, tools, equipment, and other requirements, yet you can rest assured that you will have a stable income as long as homes get messy.

5. Project Management

A profession that requires you to have a civil engineering background, project management is extremely lucrative. This profession requires you to spread beyond your local community and build a brand to acquire high-net-worth clients.

6. Interior Design

 Interior design is a billion-dollar industry. This profession is perfect if you have a good eye for style and understand art and home decor. P.S. it never hurts to have a degree in interior design as this would only enhance the price you can demand.

7. Landscaping

Similar to a cleaning business, landscaping also requires an initial investment. However, if you know the right people and you have an experienced and trustworthy crew, then building a profitable landscaping business is not too difficult.

8. Plumbing

Every construction, both residential and commercial, requires plumbing. You could either choose to go at this profession as a lone-wolf plumber or hire a group of plumbing experts who you can deploy to client sites and charge a commission off their pay.

9. Real Estate Appraiser

As a real estate appraiser, you would first need to build credibility. You must also have adequate knowledge of the real estate sector, from the cost of land to the cost of materials and on to other services like construction and décor. As an appraiser, it is your job to evaluate a site for an agency or a potential buyer.

10. Legal Consultant

In a niche profession, a real estate legal consultant would first require a legal license. Strong knowledge of factors like sales, foreclosure, installments, etc., is a must-have. Most of the people make mistakes while buying a new home and to avoid such mistakes its better to have legal consultant.

11. Real Estate Magazine

Even though many people choose the internet when looking for real estate, magazines still hold a special place in the real estate industry. High net worth clients still choose to pore through magazines when browsing for real estate. Moreover, you can build a brand around your magazine and offer other services such as interior decoration, landscaping, and even construction management.

12. Real Estate Photography

This one is our favorite. If you have a snap-happy trigger finger and have a decent camera at your disposal, then becoming a real estate photographer is a sure-fire profession. Most clients show interest in properties based on the pictures they view, and so it is up to you to display the property you are photographing in the best way possible. Here is where real estate photo editing services can add significant value.

13. Wallpaper Store

Starting up a wallpaper business is also lucrative. While you might have to invest in materials and a crew, you could also act as a third-party liaison, sourcing wallpaper from a manufacturer and selling it for a profit from a brick-and-mortar store.

14. House Painting

This one is yet another of our low investment entrants. With a passable knowledge of house painting and access to the right equipment, you can start a house painting business. As your business expands, you can bring in a crew to keep up with demand.

15. Packers & Movers

There is quite a strong demand for packers and movers in the market. Shifting is a tiresome task if done alone. A packing and moving service can earn good money with the right workers, transport capabilities, and overall attention to detail. An established packing and moving business can turn out to be a million-dollar business.

16. Airbnb Host

Airbnb is the first thought that comes to a travelers mind if he is not keen on a hotel. If you feel that the property you have is appealing, you could list it up as an Airbnb space and then play host to the visitors you have. This requires minimal investment and can turn a significant profit in the long run.

17. Renovation Service

Even the sturdiest real estate suffers wear and tear. Starting up a renovation service could result in significant returns. You could either choose to go with property flipping, where you and your collaborators renovate a home and then sell it for a profit, or you could turn it into a business where clients approach you to take care of their properties.

In summation

So there you have it, our list of the top real estate business ideas that are sure to bring in significant revenue. However, every business requires careful planning and strategy formulation. To make an informed choice from our list of real estate business ideas, here are a few basic steps that you should follow-  Conduct market research and understand demand levels

  • Evaluate your skills and select a niche
  • Create a business plan that enumerates both short-term and long-term goals
  • Build a strong legal structure
  • Acquire related licenses and permits
  • Register your business
  • Look for investors
  • Build a brand ( both online and offline)

The real estate industry/sector has low barriers to entry, given that the requirement of both residential and commercial spaces will only increase in the future. There will always be demand for affiliate services to keep properties up and running and attractive in customer appeal and market value. Whether you hire professional photo editors for your real estate photography business or get an interior designer to furnish the property you are managing, it is advisable to bring a crew onboard with you, no matter which profession you choose.

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