5 Reasons Your Business Should Offer International Shipping

Having a small business is a profession filled with choices, with every single of those choices being potentially fatal for the business. We’re pretty sure that every owner spent a lot of time choosing the right pricing for their products. And that is just the first step into the joys and ordeals of entrepreneurship. After a period of successful local business, most small business owners decide to take the next step and start delivering their goods. Again, there are multiple choices of shipping carriers. There are various factors that will determine the decision of the right shipping carrier for your small business. This article will show you why it is a good decision to choose the international delivery of your goods.

Shipping Basics

There are several factors to consider when choosing the way of shipping. Of course, you can always go with predetermined options in the form of shipping services, but if you don’t know the details of your shipment, it would be hard to decide the exact method. In order to properly choose the shipping method, you have to know some values of your goods.

Shipping Values

Above all, you have to know the amount of shipping you will need. A fully established shop with more than 100 packages a week will not have the same shipping demand as a small business that just started delivering goods. Next, there is the weight of your products. Increase the weight of the product usually affects the price of the shipping. Therefore, it is really handy to have a postal scale for small business shipping. That way you can quickly determine the weight of your product.

 There are also various shipping priorities to choose from, such as ground, priority, first-class and others. The priority you choose will determine how fast your package will arrive at the destination. Don’t forget the packaging options. For small, heavy items flat rate boxes are the obvious choice. However, if you’re shipping nearby and your package isn’t heavy, flat rate shipping is quite expensive. In that case, it’s recommendable to package your items on your own.

Strength in Numbers

The good reason to start with international shipping is that buying from overseas websites is getting stronger every year. The researchers foresee that cross-border will surpass domestic growth in terms of annual growth rate. Furthermore, e-commerce traders are beginning to realize the value of cross-border selling. In research conducted by Payvision and Juniper, the vast majority of them agree that international e-commerce is profitable. Sounds good? There is more. DHL reports that one-fifth of cross-border purchases worth more than $200. This is a good indicator that overseas customers gladly spend their money if they find your product worth it.

Easy, Convenient and Transparent

Many small business owners were intimidated by the reputation of shipping logistic as obsolete end inefficient. Fortunately, the advancement of technology made shipping easy, convenient and transparent. This is great news for small business owners because they now have access to discounted shipping charges to any worldwide address. Also, those tools can help streamline the accomplishment and transportation processes.

The World is Yours

If your store is online, and it probably is, anyone in the world can find you. It would be a wasted opportunity if you don’t open your store to the world. Customers all over the world are increasingly tech-savvy and more than willing to buy items internationally. The entire world became a global market thanks to the internet and the wide network of international freight companies. Online marketing and social media erased every border, so it is very possible for a small company to build is business based on international clients.  Creating a good ad campaign that targets the right audience, even small business owners can benefit greatly from going international.

Shipping Advice

First of all, you need to ensure proper documentation at all times. To make this easier you can choose our shipping carrier who can help you with filling out the forms or even letting you submit forms online. Next, make sure that customs know the exact content of your package. The main reason shipments are held in customs is the inaccurate description of goods in the invoice. It is important to understand that every country has its own regulation when it comes to shipment, so you cannot import certain goods in certain countries. Also, be aware of holidays in your destination country, in order to avoid delays. And last but not least, find out what you and your customers will have to pay. The last thing you need is some additional expenses on both sides.


International shipping is one of the most beneficial steps a small business owner can take. Thanks to the much better conditions, international delivery is much easier, more transparent and more accessible to follow. The best way to find out if shipping abroad works for your business is to start doing it. The worst possible outcome is losing a customer because of insufficient shipping experience, and the best possible result is the opening of a whole new business enterprise.

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