Finding The Right Porcelain Worktop For Your Kitchen

Porcelain worktops are available in various designs, colour schemes and finishes like matte or polished. Choosing the right porcelain worktop for your kitchen depends on your preference and kitchen design. So, explore the porcelain ranges first and then make your decision.

As evident in modern kitchens, a worktop takes up a large space in a kitchen. Therefore, it has a big influence of all fittings and fixtures used to design the overall look of the cooking space. But choosing a worktop is a tedious task with so many options available in the market.

Porcelain is one of the popular worktop materials among many homeowners, designers and architects. Porcelain countertops undergo an advanced engineering process while manufacturing to make it strong and durable. It goes through high temperature, ranging between 1,200°C and 1,400°C, and this process makes it 30% stronger than granite worktops.

Since porcelain worktop undergoes such high-temperature conditions like Dekton kitchen worktops, its surface is highly dense and non-porous. This makes it highly resistant to moisture, stains, scratches and heat. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and maintain. For cleaning, simply use a soft cloth and warm water to wipe off its surface.

It also comes in a wide range of colour and pattern options to complement any interior. But now the question arises that with so many options, how to choose the right porcelain for your kitchen? Don’t worry! Here are our five easy tips to help you choose the ideal porcelain worktop for your kitchen:

  • Ensure High Quality:

Just like Neolith kitchen worktops, porcelain countertops are durable and high-quality. But some manufacturers may not follow the standard manufacturing process and this may hamper its quality. It is best to purchase your porcelain worktop from a reputed and experienced manufacturer in the UK. Only the well-known worktop manufacturers will assure high-quality materials. They even offer a minimum of 10 years warranty on their kitchen worktops. Installing high-quality porcelain is important for homeowners so that it lasts for many years with minimum maintenance.

  • Enjoy The Variety:

Porcelain kitchen worktops come in various colours, textures and styles to go with any design scheme. But choosing the right porcelain style is important so that it goes with the chosen design theme. You may choose from several colours and textures. From contemporary styles to natural stone-like effect, there are so many patterns that Laminam can emulate.

You can select a kitchen countertop that blends with your appliances, furniture, wall cladding and flooring or simply choose a contrasting colour theme, whatever works the best for you.

The best thing to do when selecting a colour scheme is to try different samples and colours as small experimentation. This may lead you to find the best solution that you may not have even imagined.

Porcelain is a popular worktop material that concentrates on neutral tones for creating an understated look that fits perfectly in a classic or contemporary setting. A porcelain countertop can even be used for adding unique texture to your room with a natural matte or polished finish.

  • Consider The New Design Details:

When finding the right porcelain for your kitchen, you must consider the latest design details like slim edge profile, sweeping curves or slim slabs. After that, think how these latest details can be incorporated into your design scheme. There is no strict rule to stick to only one worktop thickness throughout your cooking space. You can even mix chunkier profiles with slim surfaces to add a new dimension to your work zone or open-plan kitchen design.

  • Consider The Height:

The varying heights of your porcelain worktops could also work practically, as well as aesthetically. Here, ergonomics play an important role because worktop must be set at the most comfortable height for performing different tasks like preparing food or cleaning dishes. On the other hand, the low height porcelain worktop seems to be more ideal for other tasks like eating.

  • Consult Experts:

No matter which porcelain worktop you choose, you must always take the help of a professional fabricator and experienced designer to ensure it compliments your needs and design requirements. Experts will guide you the best and also suggest the best porcelain designs and colours that would suit your desired kitchen theme.

A new kitchen countertop is a big investment, so you have to take your time to think about various designs, textures and materials to achieve the desired kitchen theme.

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