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How can Outbound Call Centre Build a Successful Team of Telemarketers?

In this hyper-competitive era, the demand for outbound call centre’s telemarketing services has been increased more than ever as companies of all sizes want to enjoy high-profit levels. Therefore, it is imperative for the outbound call centres to be ready with the team of telemarketers that can boost the business’s productivity.

For the same reason, BPO firms always get ready to hire new agents to build a successful team of telemarketers. But sometimes BPO firms face the hassle of starting the hiring process again because of some silly mistakes.

Do you want to build a successful team of telemarketers? Have a look at the following points that would be helpful for you:

Have a list of right questions

To offer supreme outbound telemarketing services, it is imperative for the BPO firms to hire those agents that have strong interpersonal skills & positive attitude. To make that happen, it is significant for the BPO firm owners to ensure that they have the right list of business-related questions.

Sometimes manager or supervisors ask unnecessary questions to potential telemarketers during the interview. This aspect not only leads to the time wastage but also increases the probability of losing prospective telesales agent.

Therefore, it is imperative to ask some relevant questions such as ‘How would you tackle potential customer’s questions?’, ‘How could you deal with negative responses?’, etc. After that, look for the satisfactory answers.

Assess skills via role-playing

Another aspect that can really help in building a successful team of telemarketers is conducting role-playing activities. This is so because there are high chances that potential agent may dodge all the asked questions during the interview process.

With the help of role-playing activity, it would be very easy to find out whether a potential agent is really good or not. During this activity, a hiring manager and candidate act as a potential customer and a telesales agent respectively.

After that, telemarketer (candidate) tries to convince the prospect (hiring manager) to buy products or services. This act will help in checking whether the candidate is capable enough to handle intricate situations or not.

Moreover, a role-playing exercise also sheds some light on the candidate’s behaviour, communication skills, etc. All in all, this exercise would be very helpful when it comes to hiring an ideal agent who can really help in delivering unsurpassable outbound telemarketing services.

Always look for experience

Well, whenever a question comes to building a team of proficient telesales agents or offering reliable outbound telemarketing services, it is advisable to hire an experienced agent. Of course, we aren’t saying that newbies aren’t capable enough.

But the main reason behind why we are suggesting to appoint experienced candidate is newbies usually quit the telemarketing job after 2 to 3 months because convincing prospects to buy something isn’t an easy task to do.

Apart from that, it is always recommended to crosscheck experienced candidate’s previous job responsibilities so that nothing leads to any hassle at the later stages.

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Written by Alexis Powell

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