Dalmia Group Chairman, Sanjay Dalmia gives Basic Amenities to Chirawa Residents

Well-known for his social initiatives, Sanjay Dalmia, one of the leading Delhi-based industrialists has been working for the welfare of Chirawa, a municipal town and tehsil in Jhunjhunu district through his philanthropic arm — Dalmiya Seva Trust (DST). He took the complete charge of development of this locale upon himself. Mr Sanjay Dalmia has always been keen on the effective growth and development of every remote corner of the country.

“I would like to continue and grow my contribution towards the society in whatever capacity I can,” says Sanjay Dalmia, chairman of Dalmia Group of companies.

Dalmia Seva Trust, Dalmia Group has been working on diverse areas like education, environment, water conservation, health and hygiene in Chirawa. It has provided the basic amenities like clean and safe drinking water for day-to-day activities. The facilities like water harvesting have enhanced the residents’ lifestyle to a great extent.

In its attempt to provide an easy access to education in Chirawa, Dalmia Seva Trust is running a number of schemes like free education for girls and mid-day meals in schools. Sanjay Dalmia also developed (Dalmia Group) Dalmia Vidya Mandir, a school that has become a medium for the students to learn and showcase their talent.

Owing to these 14 years of sincere efforts by Dalmia Seva Trust, the town has developed to great extent. Today, it has well-constructed lanes, well-organized roads along with concrete houses.

Supporting PM Narendra Modi’s, Dalmia Seva Trust has been focusing on ensuring cleanliness in Chirawa. It has constructed houses with toilet facility for nearly 100 homeless families.

“Cleanliness and hygiene are very important for living a healthy life. Trust is working in this direction. The Trust has so far built 125 toilets and 75 toilets are being constructed in the village,” says Mr Dalmia.

Sanjay Dalmia is equally concerned about the health related issues of the underprivileged sections of the society. Through Dalmiya Seva Trust, he organizes free health camps for patients suffering from Asthma, eye ailments, in collaboration with the Indian Service Society.

Grateful for chairman of Dalmia Group, Sanjay Dalmia’s contributions in Chirawa, the village people come together and organize cultural events to thank him. The residents are now proud of the facilities they can access.

“Taps now speak a language known as water, homes are built of materials strong as love, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan is proud looking at the number of toilets in Chirawa, the air is fresh and education is bringing the small town on the forefront of globalization,” said Sanjay Dalmia while expressing his happiness over the robust developments that have changed the face of Chirawa.

“When we started with this project, we envisioned a town that could speak for itself. I am glad that it turned out exactly the same. However, this is just a humble beginning. A lot more is yet to happen,” he added.

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Written by Sameera Nayak

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