How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Helmet for You

Buying a motorcycle is not as simple as you think. The simple reason behind it is that you have plenty of options available in the market and not every helmet is good for you. It is important that you consider your safety as your primary concern while buying a helmet and not just looks. Here is a guide that will help you choose the best motorcycle helmet: –

Safety rules & ratings

You can always check the reviews and ratings of helmets online. This helps you to ensure that the helmet that you are buying has a good reputation in the market and whether it has served its purpose well or not to the past buyers. Try to go for the one that has the maximum percentage of positive reviews as it will surely be better in quality as compared to others.

Styles of helmets

The purpose of different styles of helmets is not just for bringing in a variety but they have been designed for different purposes. If you are a sports rider, you should go for the helmet that has an aerodynamic design. For all those who travel a lot on the bike and even ride for hours, it is important to go for the helmet that is well ventilated. Avoid going for half helmets as they do not give protection to your jaws. So, it is important that you know your riding style well and then buy a helmet according to your needs.

Check the size before buying

Helmets are available in different shapes and sizes. And, all sizes of helmets are not good for you. Your helmet should fit you well but should not be so tight around your temples that you start feeling suffocated. It will be good if you refer to the size chart for that brand before buying so that you go for the perfect sized helmet.

Trying the helmet

Try to buy the helmet from a recognized store instead of buying it from roadside vendors. Also, instead of ordering it online just to save a little money, buy it offline after trying, checking the comfort and being fully satisfied with the quality. Though helmets are heavy, it should not be so heavy that it gives you a headache. Try it and check whether you feel comfortable and do not feel suffocated in it. Also, if you are too conscious about your looks, wear a helmet and look at yourself in the mirror before you make your final decision.


Just like while buying any other thing, you should compare the prices when you are buying a top motorcycle helmet. You should check whether you are getting value for money and are not overpaying the seller. Try to ask for discounts and check the offers too so that you get the best deal. If your helmet has some special features, the price will surely be more than the regular ones. So, make sure that you compare the prices keeping all the aspects of the helmet in mind.

Use these tips and you will end up buying the best helmet for your bike.

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Written by John Langer

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