Is Your Email Marketing Scaring Away Clients?

We can all relate to the frustrations that accompany receiving non-stop emails from businesses simply because we made the mistake of ‘subscribing’ to their newsletter. In many cases, businesses often end up sending unsolicited marketing emails to prospective and past customers.

All small businesses have to play dirty to survive, and aggressive email marketing tactics are one of their survival mechanics. However, It’s all for nothing if your clients start leaving you in droves.

Here are 3 warning signs that your emails are scaring away your clients.

1. You’re Spamming Them with too Many Emails 

Asking them 10 times isn’t going to change their mind. So stop hammering them with a slew of discounts, they’ll only double down on their decision to not work with you!

When it comes to email marketing, more isn’t always better. According to a study by Technology Advice, 43% of email subscribers want businesses to contact them less frequently. Another 69% of prospects unsubscribe from a business because they’re getting too many emails. This doesn’t mean you should compensate by not mailing them enough.

Instead, use A/B tests to determine the optimal number of emails your brand should send. Different market segments will respond favorably to a different frequency.

2. You’re Using Clickbait 

Clickbait has overstayed its welcome. Even Buzzfeed, the progenitor of clickbait marketing is pivoting more towards authentic ways of connecting with their audience.

But that doesn’t mean you should opt for bland and boring subject lines. Use something that is catchy, creative, and truthful to capture your audience’s attention.

A professional email writer will use the right dose of razzmatazz to connect with your audience. They will know when to draw the line between sensationalism and clever marketing.

3. You’re Treating All Subscribers the Same Way

Imagine having subscribed to a newsletter that keeps sending you the same message over and over again.

Imagine getting this text from a business you just subscribed to:“Hi Smith, thank you for subscribing to our newsletter services. You will now receive periodic emails from the team at CDP.”

After having received this email for the umpteenth time in a row, any sane person will unsubscribe right away. You can’t send the same canned responses to all of your contacts because it will annoy them.

Instead, effective email marketing is about understanding your audience and their unique customer journey. A quick batch and blast, on the other hand, will erode your customer base faster than the speed of light (figuratively speaking, of course!).

Instead, learn to send personalized emails that are based on the subscriber’s preferences and interactions with your products. Also, segment your subscribers based on the data you have about them.

Pro tip: Segmentation is based on more than just gender, geography, or acquisition source. It’s about digging deep into your buyer persona so that you could create hyper-personalized emails that convert.

Wrapping Up 

Building an email list is just one half of the battle. The other half is to learn how to engage contacts through authentic emails. So if you are guilty of the above mistakes, it’s time to go back to the drawing board or take the aid of an email content writer for the job.

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