Quick Tips to Treat the Lag in Apple Camera!

Wow! That’s a beautiful sunset in front of you and the sun is just about to set. You take out your iPhone to capture the magical view in your phone. But gosh! Your camera refuses to open and it’s still not active while the sun naturally doesn’t wait and goes down the horizon. What a loss! This and much more losses might be a part of your life recently. Well, who said Apple phones don’t lag? Yeah, they do, and just how!! And the effects are mostly missing to capture on the go those happy and special moments of your life.

Let us tell you how to treat the lag in your iPhone camera!

Your investments in the form of iPhones are mostly very fruitful. This sophisticated beast of a smartphone tends to work like a breeze for multiple years. But sometimes, actually, very rarely, it starts lagging or what we call hanging in between. And this is the time when your frustration level reaches its highest point and you think your iPhone is finally ready to retire and you try to sell it in peanuts. Again, what a loss! Remember that such issues in an iPhone are very much curable easily and you don’t have to chuck the device like a piece of trash. Just follow these tips and you’ll find your camera working like a genie from Aladdin’s lamp instantly as per your wish.

  • Update your iOS — The very first reason your iPhone might give you trouble is that you have a very old version of the software. Well, it’s time to upgrade the device for the better. Apple doesn’t launch those software updates for anything. These are made to make your device compatible as per the recent trends and lots of bugs are treated in this procedure. So the next time your iPhone camera lags, try to update the device by checking the settings section of your Apple phone.
  • Restart your phone — Switching off and then on the phone sometimes works like magic. And in your case maybe that’s the simple treatment your iPhone requires. Just restart the device and all the lags bothering you would be shooed in minutes and both your camera and device would work normally again.
  • Delete some of your photos from the gallery — So, you probably have around 10,000 photos stored in your iPhone memory. What do you expect? Your mobile and camera are bound to hang. So, why don’t you use iCloud storage to save these photographs? And if you aren’t using it, then you can always clean your gallery and delete the extra photographs or archive the pictures. This would save the life of your iPhone and make your camera and phone work like normal again.
  • Check your iPhone’s battery — An iPhone works wonderfully when it’s brand new. But you will soon find a decrease in its performance as the battery health reaches around 70%. And further, it deteriorates when it is as low as 40%. Maybe that is why your iPhone is having the issues. The battery health of your mobile may have decreased beyond 50% — and in such cases, the low battery problems in your phone often lead to the lag in your device and your camera. You can change the battery of the phone in such a case and save its life.
  • Get it checked by an expert repairer — Another practical option to save the life of your iPhone in such an issue is to contact the Apple service centres if you are under the guarantee period. However, if your mobile is around 2 to 3 years old now and you don’t even have a warranty left, then it is always recommended to contact JMC computers for Apple repairs in Melbourne. They are a certified Apple repairing team of workers who have lots of experience and knowledge about this device and the problems that you often face. They’ll quickly check the phone for you and find out the solution that will save your iPhone camera and the device.

All these solutions are super quick and apt to opt for when your iPhone camera lags, or the device shows issues.

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Written by Eada Hudes

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