Top web development strategies to be followed by every company

If the website is not developed properly, then there are no visitors to the website leading to no profit and no sales for the business. So, starting website development without any planning and strategies is like going somewhere without knowing the destination. Every company needs strategies before entering into the online world and this can be done right with a web development company on board. With developing the website in a proper way, we can ensure to have maximum visibility and maximum profits.

1. Responsive website: Users these days are using various devices like tablets, notebooks, and phones with different screen resolutions, so, the websites that they browse have to be responsive and user-friendly or not the business will lose a lot of customers. Every device should be responsive enough for gaining the attention of the user. There are 72% chances of a visitor exiting a website due to the website being non-responsive. So, every company should make sure to have a responsive website.

2. Competitor analysis: Analysing the competitors will help any business to stay on the top and also can gain extra information on what they are offering. Many businesses these days are offering the same services and there is not much of a difference in the services that each one they provide. So, identifying the point of weakness of a competitor and giving a solution for that is a great solution before doing web development for a company’s website.

3. Search engine friendly: The website should be developed in such a way that the search engine will easily recognize them and if the website has all the elements, then it will rank on the search engine results page. By using the right HTML text formats, content that is qualitative with right fit keywords, crawlable links, designing a website with perfect colours and developing a website with perfect use of codes.

4. Identify target audience: The attributes of the audience have to be in sync to the website that they visit. If the audience does not get connected to the website, then there is no use of developing a website by spending so much amount. As every brand strives for long-lasting relationships with the audience, it is better to know the audience and their preferences and then develop the website.

5. GDPR compliance: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework under which the consumers are allowed to have better control of the data that they share on the websites.

How companies should handle customers’ information is regulated by this framework. Thus, the web developers should develop the website in such a way that it is fully compliant with this regulation.

6. Using WordPress as CMS: WordPress CMS (Content Management System) offers a lot more than a conventional HTML page offers. You can add pages, themed templates and also do a lot more with WordPress CMS. You can also add a comments section on the website and add tags to enhance visibility. It also has a feature as drag-and-drop editors which makes the website more engaging to the users.

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