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10 Advantage of E-learning for student

Electronic learning commonly known as E-learning, it is an approach to education that offers web-based education. There is no face to face communication.

E-learning has become popular nowadays. It added the competitive advantage in your organization. Such as with E-Learning help companies to get access information easily. As well as it flexible regarding time and convenient. E-learning reduces your traveling cost and other expenses regarding campus.

E-learning provides an experience that contains three distinct learning styles.

E-learning offers three learning style to students that help them to get the better learning experience. It contains:

  • Visual elements
  • Kinesthetic elements
  • Auditory elements

The Most Important Benefits Of eLearning For Students

Nowadays students want relevant, personalized and self-walked content for their learning. This thing will be fulfilled in the online learning mood. In E-learning students can learn at their comfort zone and as per your schedule. So let’s have a look at a various advantage of online learning.

1. Online Learning Accommodates Everyone’s Needs

The approach of online education is best assignment writing service and suitable for everyone. This digital change has changed the way of getting the education and how to access, used and shared content. With the help of online education office, employee and housewives will continue their education without any barrier. Further as per their flexible timing. It is a common practice in E-learning that most people take courses on evening and weekends.

2. Lectures Can Be Taken Any Number Of Times

As compare to classroom lectures online learning to offer you the access to your course lectures to an unlimited number of times. Students can listen and watch the previous lectures usually during the preparation of exams. As we see if a student is absent in any one of the lectures then he/she have to prepare that topic by doing own learning. But in E-learning students can take the lectures as their schedule that suits them.

3. Offers Access to Updated Content

The main advantage of E-learning over traditional classroom study is that it keeps you connect with the latest information regarding your subject. This help students to get the knowledge updated content whenever they want.

4. Quick Delivery of Lessons

E-learning follows the approach of quick delivery of lessons as compared to traditional classroom learning. Due to this fast delivery of lesson learning time is reduced to 25%-60%. Here I want to share some reasons that how E-learning will reduce the time of learning.

  • In e-learning usually lessons start and complete one concept or topic within a single session. this help students to complete their course easily in a few weeks or months
  • In e-learning, students can have right to decide their own speed of learner rather than to wait for whole class to understand any topics then continue.
  • Traveling time to reach campus is save and you have a chance to learn in your own comfort zone.
  • Students have rights to choose topics and courses according to their skills and abilities. In e-learning, he is not bound to follow the same courses cycle as other classmates learn.

5. Scalability

E-Learning helps students in designing and collaborating new teaching methods, policies, concepts, and philosophies. It gives you each and every education from entertainment to formal education. Hence e-learning offers a quick mean of getting an education.

6. Consistency

As compared to the traditional schools all school will follow their own way of learning and books as compared to the standard. E-Learning enables all learners receive the common type of training with this learning mode.

7. Reduced Costs

As now we clearly understand that E-learning is much cost-effective than the traditional form of learning. The reason behind this is E-learning approach is very fast and convenient. Lots of costs will reduce due to E-learning such as traveling cost, expenses of cost material, other university expenses and housing rent. Students will use this cost for any other purpose or expense. Also when students study at their own comfort level they give more productive result and performance.

8. Effectiveness

E-learning provides a positive impact on organization effectiveness and students learning the process. E-learning helps the students to grab the content and learn accordingly.

  • It helps students to enhance their score sheet and evaluation of courses point.
  • Help students to learn new things and implement this information in their professional career.
  • Students help to retain information longer period of time.

9. Less Impact on Environment

As we all know e-learning is an approach to a paperless learning environment. Due to submission of online quizzes and assignments, there is no need for paper-based assessments. With this approach, it protects the environment a lot. As paper is made from wood and wood is obtained by cutting trees which increase the risk of environmental pollution. in one study based on e-learning found that it generates 90% less power of vehicles which generate 85% less amount of CO2 released as compared to the traditional arriving at the campus for learning. So we can say that E-learning is an eco-friendly mean of learning.

10. Using e-learning can increase productivity.

E-learning is an effective way to increase productivity among the students as compared to the traditional classroom. With its web-based platform, students feel it more attractive. As technology has revolved and students spent more time on the internet. So students become happier when they use internet for their learning purpose.


Because of all the above advantage, it becoming the part of students learning the process. E-learning is popular in all over the world among students as well as those people who stop their education due to jobs and some other personal issues.

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