Simple Snoopy Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids the devoted dog of Charles Brown in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz is an anthropomorphic beagle named Snoopy. Though he didn’t appear on screen until the late 1950s, Snoopy is currently regarded as one of the most recognizable cartoon characters.

Demand for a free drawing class has increased significantly as a result of Snoopy’s enormous popularity.

As a result, in just nine easy stages, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on sketching Snoopy using straightforward images.

How-To Manual for Drawing Snoopy:


  • Draw Snoopy’s ear as a giant U-shaped curve to begin. Draw Snoopy’s ear at the top left corner of the paper to make room for his full head to be cut out.
  • You can draw reference lines by drawing a line that crosses your path both vertically and horizontally,y, to ensure that Snoopy will be painted in the middle.
  • The paper should now be divided into four equal square halves. Draw Snoopy’s ear in the rain in the upper left corner of your writing.


  • Draw Snoopy’s head next to the previously drawn ear. Remember that Snoopy is facing the right. This means that one has to look at the shape of the face from the side.
  • Remember that Snoopy is a dog, so emphasize his nose by making it the most prominent feature on his head.


  • Sketch a long, curved line that terminates somewhat below the cranium. Verify that your lower body measures greater than your upper body.
  • Try not to apply too much pressure with your pencil when drawing Snoopy’s physique. It’s crucial to use light brushstrokes when drawing Snoopy so that any extraneous lines that overlap in particular places can be easily erased.


  • Finally, draw two short, parallel lines that are directly connected at Snoopy’s torso’s bottom. This is how Snoopy’s left leg is constructed.
  • Next, sketch the foot by drawing an oval shape that is sideways and has a flat bottom beneath the leg.
  • Remember to draw two curving lines on Snoopy’s foot to represent the spaces between his paws!


  • The right leg was drawn adjacent to the leg from the previous phase.
  • This leg should only be seen halfway through, as depicted in the figure, because Snoopy has a sideways gaze.


  • Sketch the left arm of Snoopy as an extended U-shaped curve on the side of his torso.
  • Then, to create three distinct paws, draw two short, curving lines at the very bottom of the arm.


  • Next, sketch the pointed tail of Snoopy.
  • Sketch a short, pointed appendage that is joined to Snoopy’s lower back.
  • This has resulted in a thinning of one of Snoopy’s most recognizable traits.


  • Put a collar around Snoopy’s neck to give it some flair. Draw a tight, horizontal shape around Snoopy’s neck to form the collaly.
  • Draw a precise semicir that is attached to Snoopy’s face’s edge to make the nose. Given that Snoopy is facing the right, the nose should be affixed to the right border of the figure.


  • To finish Snoopy’s appearance, we will draw each face feature separately. Draw an oval form that is somewhat upright for the eye, working from the top down. Next, completely conceal your eyes to evoke passion.
  • Draw an ellipse inside Snoopy’s ear after that. The form should adhere to the tear’s ear contour in order to produce the appearance of an inner ear.
  • There you have it—a drawing of Snoopy that turned out well. Finally, the part about which you have most likely been anticipating is coloring Snoopy.
  • The coat of Snoopy is white. On the other hand, Snoopy has all black bodily features, including as his ears, nose, and back patch.
  • You can either use Snoopy’s original color scheme or come up with your own to make him appear more vibrant.All of it is up to you! After all, you made it.

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