Top 7 Latest Ways To Increase Facebook Followers and Likes !

If you are making use of the social media platforms for your digital marketing campaigns, particularly Facebook; then you ought to primarily know two things namely,

How to increase Facebook followers and

How to increase Facebook Likes.

As this is what is going to bring you the desired results…

This is what we are going to focus on, in this blog.

Following are the latest 7 ways to increase Facebook followers and Likes:

1. Installation of Facebook comments :

Amongst the effective ways to spread your Facebook reach: install Facebook comments.

Its use is recommended in addition to the native system.

How does the Facebook comment system benefit?

  • Facebook is known to regard comments above shares and likes, so along these lines, you’ll be raising your Edge Rank.
  • On the off chance that you close WordPress native comments post a specific number of days (e.g. 90 days at Traffic Generation Café), you can, in any case, keep FB comments open.
  • When somebody comments by means of a Facebook comment system, that comment is generally published on their timeline that implies increased exposure for you and your content.

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2. Quality and engaging content :

Even though it sounds cliché, this one is an evergreen method.

The key to success for any digital marketing campaign is, was and will start with engaging content. The same applies to Facebook. Ensure that all your posts bring value somehow, either via entertainment or giving answers to your visitor’s queries. Similar to the textual content, the photos should also be engaging.

This all prompts to your existing page followers to share your content on their own pages, which in turn pulls in new page likes. Always keep in mind, content actually is the king for all the online marketing channels. With respect to promoting yourself using posts such as image,video, etc,. the standard practice crosswise over different verticals is 80% non-promotional and 20% promotional.

3. Placing the Facebook Widget on Sidebar :

Following is the way you can go about doing it: put the FB widget on your sidebar.

Some pointers to enable you to benefit the maximum from it:

– cannot be called wise to include the widget on the off chance that you have only a modest bunch of fans. In fact, could go against you as a negative evidence.

– display sufficient faces to highlight the widget, however, not excess to surpass your sidebar.

– put to use an action verb to urge your perusers to like your page – e.g. “LIKE” or “JOIN” serve well.

– opt to show your fans’ faces – visitors are more prone to like your page in the event that they see different faces they know; after all, an enhanced social verification’.

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4. Promotion on rest of the social media channels :

Cross-channel marketing within social media is essential for new Facebook page likes. Got Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or other social platform accounts? Carry out the promotion of your Facebook page over these channels. A recommended rule is to promote your Facebook page on such popular social media channels in a bi-weekly manner to catch the maximum number of likes to your Facebook page from new visitors.

5. Do not forget to Like Facebook comments :

While it can be fruitful to visit and “like” the pages of a few of the experts in your domain to get more traffic and likes to your Facebook page, it can end up being much more effective to actually “like” people’s comments on their respective fan page.

This tip for traffic serves a dual purpose.

It can be implemented to bring about a rise in your Facebook “likes” and in turn to attract more and more traffic to your blog.

So, do give it a thought…

Each time somebody “likes” either your status or a comment made by you, that small notifying pop-up appears on the screen, correct?

This easy action will enable them to get acquainted with you, your site and what you bring to the table.

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6. Come up with contests :

Everyone likes to be a part of a contest, or for that matter anything that comes free. Who doesn’t ? Be inventive and come up with some contests on a monthly basis, and offer free services or swag. Ensure that your content is engaging. It will enable your visitors to share your page, and pull in their friends.

7. Live Videos :

The previous summer, Facebook stated that visitors invested 3x more time watching Live Videos as against conventional videos. This pattern seems to continue…

An illustration worth mentioning is a Buzzfeed live video that surfaced sometime back. The live video demonstrated two workers attempting to blast a watermelon using rubber bands, something you’d anticipate from the experts of clickbait material.

The outcomes? Facebook revealed that amid the 45-minute video’s peak portion, more than 800,000 watchers were viewing. Discuss regarding going viral, and a large number of those visitors joined the page as a result of the footing the video was getting.

That’s the magic! Live video helps in engaging by nature and assists other people share, which will result in connecting with a newer crowd thus increasing your followers and likes.

These were some of the prominent ways to increase your Facebook followers and likes.

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