A Happy Ride: Main Reasons Why You Should Consider Tipping Your Uber Driver

Giving tips is one of the most unusual concepts of economies globally. In the US, tipping is not compulsory for paperwork but is socially mandatory. From hotels to taxi drivers, agents, workers, or any task that requires someone to do any work for you, usually requires a tip.

Though giving a tip is customary in some restaurants and other food and beverages industry, it’s now applicable on riding Uber and other cab-hailing companies. Well, here is to show you the reasons why tipping on Uber is appreciated:

Uber Drivers Do the Maintenance

Gas prices are not consistent, and imagine driving around people all day can end up on high car maintenance expenses and gas bills.

In fact, Uber doesn’t provide drivers with some car maintenance allowance, and those who have ever take a commute to work knows how quickly those costs can accumulate. On the other hand, some drivers acquire newer car models to drive for Uber, and that investment does not always come to pass well when they’re earning about $16 per hour.

Driver Travels Far Getting To You

Uber commands its drivers not to start the trip until you sit in their car. In fact, Uber doesn’t pay for the distance and time traveled getting to you.

Drivers often call these dead miles, or an expense, since they consume gas and tear down their brakes to get to you. Thus, if you’re asking Uber drivers to travel longer than 20 minutes to get you, they may deserve a little extra.

Tip Them For Eating

In some cases, you ride in the personal car of the driver. Their children will be sitting where you’re eating junk foods, making good drivers clean their vehicles frequently.

It’s unpaid labor, and when they use the vacuum cleaner in the car wash, it’s already an additional expense. So if you drink or eat in the car, consider tipping them.

Company Cut on Earnings

Uber takes a significant cut of divers’ income. The company reduces approximately 20 – 28% of each fare, a percentage that differs depending on the type of Uber service you’re asking. With fares already being cheaper than cabs and drivers earning the minimum wage, that 20-28% cut is big enough for their earnings.

That’s why adding a few extra cash can make a huge difference in the drivers’ perspective. Remember that they’re willing to offer their services at a discounted charge that makes it possible for some of us to access such comprehensive network of convenient and cheap transportation service worldwide.

Full-time Without Benefits

Despite the minimum income that most Uber drivers make, for some, it’s their only feasible employment option, and they persevere it full time. Sure, some people do this as a part-time job and don’t think of the small profit margins.

But, for those who work full-time, it’s indeed tough doing it without benefits. Minimum wage employees get some benefits such as healthcare privileges when they work full-time, but not in the case of Uber drivers.


It’s true, being a driver is not an easy job. The tedious task of roaming around, taking people wherever they want to go, cleaning and doing all the maintenance can be stressful. So as a rider, if you’re happy with the service of your Uber driver, look for the uber tip signs and offer them some extra.

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Written by Daniel Mattei

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