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Few Effective Tips on End of Lease Cleaning That You Should Know

You may have resorted to living in rented apartments due to various amenities being provided. Moving out can actually be a stressful affair. Before you move out, you need to ensure that the property is returned in a ‘same’ condition including the ‘fair’ wear and tear. There are chances of you losing out on the bond on a partial basis if the agent or the landlord feels that the property is not in a good condition. Now that it has been decided that you are moving out, it is advisable to get it done organized in a specific manner. Hence, the end of lease cleaning is very important before you finally leave the house. 

Here are some important tasks that you are supposed to do, explained on a timely basis.

#1. Seven Days Before End of Lease:

  • Inside Your Home: Wash and dry the light fittings and replace the same. Light globes need to be replaced if blown. Ensure the blinds and curtains are clean and have no dust particles. Air-conditioners and fans need to be cleaned. Clean the insect spots on the ceilings with the help of a mild detergent.
  • Outside Your Home: Cleaning the garage and spraying the outdoors with an insect spray is important. Bushes need to be cut, and the weeds should be removed. You can spray the lawn with a weed-killer and also mow the lawn. The backyard needs to be cleaned off of any leftover rubbish. Finally, ensure that the driveway is scrubbed properly.

#2. Two Days Before End of Lease:

  • Bathrooms: Ensure the toilets are cleaned and also disinfected. It means you should clean the pipe fittings, cistern and other corners of the toilet area. The best way to go with this is to use a paper towel, disinfectant, and disposable gloves. The tiles on the walls need to be cleaned with a disinfectant.
  • Bedrooms: The wardrobes need to be cleaned and washed. Make sure you remove any personal posters, hooks or sticky tapes if they are on the doors.
  • Kitchens: Clean the oven in the kitchen, and make sure that all the parts that are to be removed are cleaned by soaking in soapy water for complete wash. Ensure that the calcium builds up in the laundry sink is cleaned in an appropriate manner with the help of sponges and a cleaner. 

Opting for Professionals for The End of Lease Cleaning:

End of lease cleaning can be tedious and extremely strenuous for any tenant. However, you have multiple companies offering cleaning services and opting for them is definitely beneficial.

#1. Bond Amount:

As these professionals are qualified and experienced at this end of lease cleaning you are ensured that you do not lose out on the bond amount. This is definitely relaxing to a large extent. The techniques used by these professionals are up to the mark.

#2. Effort and Time Saved:

Homeowners need to be aware that the end of lease cleaning is a time-consuming affair. This can take around a week or so before you actually move out. Spending the charged amount on professionals can spare you from uncalled headaches and tensions involved with the cleaning task.

#3. Cleaning Solutions:

The professional cleaning company makes sure that the cleaning solutions used are friendly to the environment. This ensures your definite contribution to the environment.

Before opting for a specific cleaning company, you need to check out their reputation and the quality of work offered. You can ask for detailed information on their cleaning services.

You can find multiple companies listed online. It is advisable to compare different prices and the services offered before making a choice. A little effort is all it takes to opt for the best end of lease cleaning company. Experienced professionals can make a whole lot of difference in the total cleaning of a property. It is better not to compromise on the quality of work offered.

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