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4 Things that are specific to Kochi

With the kind of devastation that Kerala has recently been exposed to, it is going to be no surprise that the same will vehemently not just affect the lives of the people but affect the tourism of the place too. Known as “God’s own country”, Kerala is a beautiful place to have a vacation at. But, all that being said, have you ever heard of Kochi? Kochi is one of the underrated places in Kerala that not many people care to visit even though the place is loaded with amazing scenic beauty and beautiful landscapes to indulge yourself in. If you plan on visiting Kochi, make sure to get the cheap flights from Dubai to Kochi, cheap flights from New York to Kochi, cheap flights from Paris to Kochi, or from anywhere around the world. Best book the tickets prior to enjoying the maximum benefits.

In this article, we are going to be sharing some of the most famous things to do while in Kochi, otherwise also known as Cochin.

Visit the Mattancherry Palace

If art and culture is something that you find fascinating, a quick visit to the Mattancherry Palace is an absolute must for you. This is the place which exhibits the perfect rendition of the famous murals and exhibits as well as portraits of the Rajas of Kochi. Originally built back in 1955 by the Portuguese, this again went under restoration and revamp in the year of 1663 by the Dutch whose influence can be seen today too.

Visit the St. Francis Church

Yet one of the amazing things to do while in Kochi is to visit the St. Francis Church. It is one of the oldest churches in India which was built back in the days by the Europeans. The church then underwent a lot of extensive revamping by the Portuguese. The alarming and the most important point of attraction of this place is the fact that Vasco Da Gama was buried after his death here in the year 1524.

Watch the authentic dance form

Kathakali, which is the authentic dance form of Kerala and Kochi, for that matter, is something that you definitely need to indulge in. The kind of gorgeous costumes, heavy makeup as well as the kind of art form and the expressions that the artists put into their performances will give you goosebumps. If you are in Kochi, visit the Kathakali center to enjoy some live performances of this beautiful dance art.

Visit Princess Street

Don’t get deflected by the name because this is the best place you can thrift shop some amazing local items. It is believed to be the perfect amalgamation of not just the past but also the modern world which is why you get to experience a bit of both. You can see the British, Dutch as well as the Portuguese influence in the street, so indulging in some light shopping and a meal afterward doesn’t really sound like a bad option, now, does it?

Kochi is one of those underrated places which have a lot to offer. The next time you plan on visiting Kerala, make sure Kochi makes a good part of your itinerary.

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