9 Reasons You Must Have an Aadhaar Card

Not long ago, you had to submit a bunch of documents to get a phone connection. Today, you walk into a showroom, flash your Aadhaar card and a biometric verification activates your number instantly. You can put your favourite phone to work soon after you buy it. It was unthinkable a few years ago.

The implementation of Aadhaar or the Unique Identification Number is the most transformational development to take place in recent times. A lot of government benefits and services have been linked to Aadhaar. You should also link your aadhaar with mobile number so that you can get e-aadhaar or make correction. From banking to telephone services, Aadhaar is used as a proof of identity as well as address. It is the most important enabler for every Indian citizen.

 Here are 9 most important benefits offered to Indian citizens:

1. Aadhaar based Direct Benefit Transfer (LPG Subsidy) 

 Your 12-digit Aadhar number can be used to get the LPG subsidy amount directly in your bank account. The Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG (DBTL) or Pratyaksh Hanstantrit Labh (PAHAL)scheme was launched to provide liquefied petroleum gas cylinders at subsidised rates to Indian consumers. Its aim was to end the duplication or misuse of LPG connections in the country.

To avail this benefit, visit your area’s distributor and link your Aadhar number to your LPG consumer number.

2. Jan Dhan Yojana 

 The Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), uses your Aadhar number as the only document to open the bank account. With this account, you get other benefits like a RuPay card, a free zero-balance savings account and life insurance with accident cover.

3. Passport in 10 days

 Under government’s new rules, Aadhar card is mandatory for a passport. With an Aadhar card, you can get your passport in just 10 days! This saves you time.

4. Digital Locker

 The Government of India has introduced a cloud-based storage system known as DigiLocker for the safe storage of online personal documents on robust government servers. The sign-up process for this locker requires you to link your Aadhar number with the DigiLocker application.

5. Voter Card Linking 

 It is now mandatory to link your Aadhar card to your Voter’s ID. The objective is to eliminate any bogus voters and prevent any illegal use of the Voter ID card.

6. Monthly Pension

 You are now required to register your Aadhar card for pension claims. The Government of India initiated this move to eradicate fraudulent claims and safeguard your pensions.

7. Mobile number

All prepaid and postpaid SIM card holders are now required to link their Aadhar numbers to their mobile numbers, or risk getting their SIM cards being deactivated. If you want to purchase a new connection, linking your Aadhar number will be mandatory.

8. Driving license

Being a digital identity card, Aadhar card is also linked to your driving license. The objective for this is to stop multiple licenses for one person.

9. PAN card and IT return

The government has made it mandatory to link your Aadhar card with your PAN card. This ensures that duplication in PAN cards is prevented and your income tax filings are rightly recorded in your name.

Not doing so may result in the deactivation of your PAN and invalidation of your IT returns.

Why Aadhaar Card Is Important

The Aadhaar card is a multi-purpose government-issued identity document. This card serves as an identity proof for any service, from purchasing your railway ticket to filing your tax returns. It can also be used as a proof of address and age.

How To Get Aadhar Card

● Apply on the official UIDAI website to get an appointment at the Aadhar centre near you

● Submit your age and address proofs with the Aadhar enrolment form at the centre

● Your biometrics (eye scan and fingerprints) are recorded and your documents verified

● You get an acknowledgement slip with your Aadhar enrolment ID

● You will receive your card by post on the address mentioned on your application form.

Aadhar Self Service Update Portal

The self-service update centre is a website, where you can update or correct your Aadhar details from the portal from the comforts of your office or home.

 Linking your Aadhar card with your documents requires your mobile number for a One-Time Password (OTP). Buy your favourite phone and activate it using Aadhar verification at a nearest showroom.

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