Antique Jewellery – A Legacy To Carry Forward

Like the proverb goes, old is gold, antique golden jewellery indeed is a priced possession now a days. Traditional jewellery has its own charm and grace when worn. Royal families often keep their jewellery safe and pass them down through the generations as a sign of their blessings. The same is true even to this date, wherein parents invest almost the whole of their life savings for purchasing jewellery for their children.

With the advent of technology, it is possible to recreate the patterns and Antique Jewellery designs of yesteryears. Infact the aesthetics of traditional and historic designs are kept intact even to this date using antique craftsmanship.

Antique Jewellery Collection History

The history of Indian jewellery dates back to 5000 years, when the discovery of various metals and stones led to use them creatively to beautify oneself.

Our ancestors wore jewellery for numerous reasons, one being the social status. One glace at the jewellery worn spoke about the region they belonged, their financial and marital status. Jewellery crafted in those times used different metals like copper, gold, silver, iron and aluminium. The designs basically marked the change of seasons, to personify lunar and solar eclipse, wars etc…

There are numerous sub styles when it comes to Indian antique jewellery. They take their influence from different regions and eras. Predominately the Persians and Mughals have a hand in bringing a revolution in the craftsmanship.

Why Is Antique Jewellery Famous in Modern Era?

Antique jewellery doesn’t always relate to being pre-worn or handed down the generations, it’s more to do with retaining the regal look they project. The craftsmanship uses the earlier styles that were associated with the era of yore, and it involves the use of precious metals, precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, corals etc…

This type of jewellery is gaining popularity in the modern world for the time-less look it renders to the adorner. The oxidised coating, bright coloured enamel adds an element of rustic look to the jewellery, when these are worn, it radiates royalty and vintage charm.

Antique Jewellery Designs

The designs used in these jewellery pieces are the mirror of the rich folklore attached to their existence. The common patterns includes the use of temple designs, deities like Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, lotus flower, peacock, mango leaves to name a few.

Most of these antique jewellery designs come studded with polkis, ruby, sapphire, diamonds, pearls and other semi precious gemstones. The making of these is finished off with a matt polish or a gloss depending on the customary requirements.

Daily Use Jewellery

Antique jewellery earrings and antique jewellery necklaces are often associated with being heavy and thought of being worn with only saris, lehengas or salwar. But, that’s not the truth, one can find latest antique wedding jewellery designs that can be paired with modern outfits as well.

Of all the jewellery pieces, bangles and earrings form the most sorted category of jewellery for daily use.

Gold Earrings and Gold Bangles Design for Daily Use


A variety of design options can be found ranging from the light weighted round bangles with simple leaves, peacocks or minute flower designs on them, to kadas and antique bangles which would set a woman apart from the crowd even when she is not the main celebrant of the event or occasion.

One can find kadas and antique bangles with more detailed and larger designs of flowers, figures of gods and goddesses like Lord Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Lord Ganesh.  The daily use bangles come studded with precious and semi-precious stone work as well, to add a much-needed bling.


A plain kurta teamed with a pair of antique gold earrings will jazz up your look instantly. One can get these earrings in many designs and patterns ranging from chandbalis, juhmkis, to studs to suit one’s mood of the day. Gold, diamonds or Platinum, you name it and you would find a piece of your choice.

Where to buy antique jewellery online?

With the e-commerce taking the center stage, even jewellers have actively accepted this change and have made their products available with the help of few clicks. One can visit the online store and browse through the never-ending list of designer jewellery and their descriptions as well to make an informed decision.

When it comes to purchasing jewellery, one always looks for a trusted name in the market and there is no better brand in this field other than Vaibhav Jewellers. One can find a complete array of antique gold bangles and antique gold earrings designs with weight and price online at Vaibhav Jewellers

Next time around, make your jewellery purchases only at Vaibhav Jewellers to ensure that an unforgotten legacy is passed down to the successive generations in your family.

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