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Buying Winter Wear Online

One of my favorite winter sweaters is a mauve colored pullover with a close knit collar. It’s a gift from a cousin who lives in the US. I liked it for reasons beyond fashion. It was a priced possession as it was a gift from “foreign”. Nobody else had anything close to it in my class. No one could get it anywhere in India. Winters for me that way were a showy affair. However, today it’s a different story. Option to shop for women dresses online is a big blessing for me and so many like me. Be it winter sweaters for women or latest trend of skirts, it is so easy to buy them from anywhere in the world.

I still believe that the best of winter sweaters for women are from abroad. This is no disparaging view of India. I absolutely love my motherland and am a patriot in every sense. It’s just that we as a country are tropical people whereas the west is more exposed and experienced with winters. Of course, we have belts in India that experience severe winter too. As far as the style goes I always believed that best of the sweaters are from abroad. They are stylish enough to be worn as clothing too rather than just a protective layer of wool and fur.

You can imagine my surprise then, to find some really dashing and charming pieces of winter clothing right in India. Where? You ask, my friend online. It was an accidental find while browsing for women dresses online to come across some really awesome pieces of winter sweaters for women online with Mustard Fashions, Myntra and the likes.

Some of the winter clothing on these platforms is jaw dropping amazing! They look like pieces out of a fashion magazine. The range of colors has extended beyond the usual black, grey, maroon and white. There are bold reds and warm blues. Along with them are experimental shades of colors that are least expected on winter clothing like bright oranges, deep greens and the likes. The cuts and styles have come a long way too. The front buttoned long sleeved sweater in thin wool is still available along with its more contemporary cousins like the ponchos, long sweaters, double buttoned coats, winter coats with unique collars and so on.

One thing is for sure, people looking for stylish winter wear need not look at the west alone. The home ground is great for extremely trendy and fashionable winter wear. Thanks to online shopping, options from home and abroad are equally accessible. The effort is far less than shopping in a market. It definitely is easier to shop online than go to USA.

I personally shopped a few like this and found the whole process quite delightful. Plus, there is no extra effort needed should you need to return anything to the seller. All in all, online shopping for women’s clothes is slowly emerging to be a steady hobby for me. As and when I learn more, I will share with you as well. Until then, shop!

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