Diamond Necklaces and other stones: 5 reasons to make it an investment

Investments are the allocation of money for future benefit. Thus such allocations should be made in a way as to gain profit and add to your assets. “Diamonds are the best friend of a woman ‘’-as the saying goes, they are really the best investments even prior to gold as they are precious yet small in size. Diamonds have a high intrinsic value and also add to one’s self-esteem. A diamond necklace can be paired with any outfit. Wearing a diamond also portrays ones social standing and status.

Why a diamond necklace is a good investment?

  1. Size: Diamonds are way more expensive than gold and a small amount of diamond is worth a lot. Diamonds are smaller in size as compared to other precious stones with the same value. No matter how small the diamond ornament is, it is costlier than gold or other metals. Even if your diamond necklace design contains a small number of diamonds it is still more precious than any other gemstones. What makes diamond special are its cut and not its volume.
  2. Storage: Owing to its small size, it can be stored easily and safely. It can be stored in small lockers or safe. No extensive storage facility is required to store your Diamond necklace or even a Pearl necklace designs in gold.
  3. Durability: Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. It can be stored for years and it would still look new. It is resistant to corrosion and does not wear off easily. The value of your necklace will still be high even after years of use. If you take care of your jewelry it will still yield the same value even after a long time. This means, if you invest in a diamond, you can enjoy your investment for many years to come.
  4. Proof to inflation: It is true that diamonds are inflation proof. Once you invest in a fine cut diamond you can rest assured that your money is safe. Investing in diamonds is a safer option as an investment because while the prices of other luxuries good fall with time, the price and value of diamond remain uniform.
  5. Psychological effect: It is a proven fact that if you are able to see your investment often, you feel financially secure. You can also enjoy it while you have it instead of storing it away. It is an asset to you and you can show it off. This adds to the basic psychological and esteem needs of a human. You can also add a few light weight gold bangles to increase the shimmer of your look. An investment that is physical, can be touched and seen often feels like a safer option compared to other financial investments such as stock.

Gold necklace designs in 20 grams with price are now on display in near about all eminent jewelry shops. These are available in different designs and types. Videos on the internet display a variety of such intricately designed pieces of art.

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Written by BalaganiLaxman

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