Different ways by which startups & companies use virtual offices

There are 100 million startups created each year across the globe as per the global GEM report. This means at an average, three startups are launched each second. Most of these new businesses have a shoestring budget and thus renting a spacious physical office space is not logistically feasible for them. Thus, the new entrepreneurs mostly lean towards either working from home or from a nearby cafe which is easy to access and is cheap. There are other reports which claim that 90% of the startups tend to fail. So, the risk factor for every startup is very high. Needless to say, the money needs to be judiciously spent in the workspaces and at the same time, it should be a productive place as well. It is also necessary to possess a business address where the startup entrepreneurs can conduct professional meetings and reap all the benefits that a physical office provides, both in terms of client perception and mindset. The virtual offices make it possible for the startup owners to enjoy the best of both the worlds.

Read on this guide to know how startups and companies are using virtual offices for fulfilling their futuristic goals. Let us have a look at how the businesses (both startups as well as established companies) use the virtual offices in different ways for their growth and to add value.

  • As a commercial address for redirecting the Company mail – The startups usually require a prestigious commercial address for the purpose of redirecting the company mail and also to protect their home address and also to send out a complete professional vibe to the potential prospects and clients. Each virtual office plan necessarily includes a business address and also services pertaining to mail handling. This usually means that the mails can be received, as well as stored, or they can be forwarded to your home address on frequent intervals which may be once in a week without any extra fee.
  • For using the virtual office as a registered company address – It is completely possible to use the virtual office address as the registered company address but this is strongly advisable by the experts that a registered agent should be necessarily aligned in order to accept the crucial legal business documents. A registered agent acts as a third-party from the same state as your business. He is the designated person in order to receive certain crucial documents on your behalf. If you receive the commercial mail from your client or bank only weekly or monthly, then there are chances that you would miss out on certain important things. If you assign a registered agent, then you would certainly be notified real time on what all are happening. This is to be borne in mind that the registered agent should necessarily have a legally registered physical address in the same state where your business is registered. This surely means that the virtual office which has got a physical office in the same state where your business is registered is a great advantage.
  • Providing the “Local” feel – There are several global companies from outside India are coming to India to explore the potential Indian market. For example, a company which is based out of New York and aims to explore the Indian market should know the Indian work culture. In such cases, virtual office space in India can be of great help. In order to give the desired “local” feel to the clients in India, the owner of the business in New York should preferably opt for a virtual office address in India and also use the conference room, meeting room and other facilities of the office whenever he or his team is in the town.
  • For the purpose of in-person meetings – The startup entrepreneurs and the freelancers require a decent and professional place to meet their clients if not every day but once in a while. Although we call it a “virtual” office, there are still bricks and mortar building involved with every well-organized virtual office provider. If you opt for virtual offices, you can get access to office suites and conference rooms on hourly or daily charges. So, you always have a great place for entertaining your clients for a successful business meeting.
  • Improving customer service – The subscription for a virtual office would help you in improving your company’s customer service considerably. This is a proven fact that superior quality of customer service is very crucial for a successful business. There can be dedicated support by the virtual office providers to answer your clients’ calls and setting up meetings on behalf of your business. Most of the virtual office providers offer this facility as an add-on and value-added service.

So, we can realize the immense significance of the virtual offices as they can be used for serving several purposes.

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