Femininity is Powerful and There’s Nothing Wrong With Wanting to Look Pretty

In a patriarchal world, it’s a sign of weakness to be feminine. “Don’t be such a girl,” “sit like a lady,” and “that’s not meant for girls,” are all statements that are so common that we barely flinch when we hear them. “Boys don’t cry,” and “real men don’t wear pink” are a few more examples of how femininity is looked down upon.

Modern-day feminists have recognized that there is power in embracing feminine ideals, aesthetics, and expressions. This unapologetic turn toward femininity and celebration of feminine energies has led to people being loud and proud with their fashion choices.

People are beginning to realize that beauty and brains are not—shockingly—mutually exclusive; and being beautiful doesn’t mean that you’re a stereotype. Beauty was also seen as an act that is for ‘bimbos’ and not for ‘smart’ women.

Thankfully, women were smart enough to see through this…

Over time, we’ve realized that there’s no point pitting women against each other and bringing each other down. We realized slowly but surely that we deserve better, especially when we’re paying through the nose for products and services.

Women these days know how to demand value for money and get their money’s worth when buying items that become a part of their wardrobes. Why should we have to choose between looking professional and looking sexy? They’re not mutually exclusive, and feeling good about ourselves is not a crime.

It’s always a challenge to buy stylish clothes for women, but thankfully, companies like Queen’s Landing USA realize that it’s important to empower women through fashion. They offer clothes and office shoes for women that are perfect for whole day wearing, running from meeting to meeting, and bringing our A-Game to the workplace on a daily basis.

Do one Google search, and you’ll find plenty of stories and accounts of women who are continually dealing with sexist tropes of what archetype they should fit. If she’s smart, she’s bound to be ‘ugly,’ if she’s conventionally attractive, she’s bound to be ‘stupid’. All of these are incredibly harmful and damaging restrictions.

Why can’t women be multi-dimensional and excel at being scientists, artists, teachers, researchers and even homemakers, while still enjoying ‘feminine’ things such as makeup, wearing their favorite outfits, a good pair of high heels, manis and pedis?

Not to say that these are exclusively feminine traits, but where do we go now?

So how do we bridge this imaginary gap between ‘smart’ and ‘beautiful’? By being fierce and unapologetic about doing what makes us feel good, and what truly is good for us. What’s the point of doing things that make us unhappy and continuing to pander to standards of beauty that we don’t agree with?

If someone feels beautiful and empowered in a brown pantsuit, but someone else feels amazing in a bodycon dress, who’s to say what is empowering and what isn’t? We’ve been fed the toxic idea that women have to look a certain way to be considered attractive in the first place, and when they do meet those criteria, there is nothing more left to them than their physical appearance.

We must challenge the binary narrative and enjoy doing things for the sake of it, because after all, the personal is political!

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