Guide to Buy an Ideal Engagement Ring – Surprise her with The Perfect Ring

So you have already completed the strenuous task of finding the right life partner, and now you have entered in an important stage of exploring for the best ring. Trust me, finding a perfect ring can be much more overwhelming than you have ever thought. It is a lot of pressure that you carry in your mind because this is going to be with your partner lifelong as a token of your affection. Furthermore, she would love to flaunt this precious gift from you everywhere. An engagement ring is a once in a lifetime investment, and you manifestly would want your venture to be profitable.

You would be in a dilemma to choose between diamond cuts, size, settings, metals, ring style, and you might feel a need for a bit of guidance. Here we are with a guide to help you out in such difficult situations.

The most important consideration – budget

Budget-related questions are probably the most asked questions when you go out to shop for a ring. This helps the jeweler to show you the best available options under your budget. Set a budget that you are comfortable with. People used to spend a lot of money (sometimes would go over the budget) on purchasing engagement rings previously. However, the modern generation believes in future planning, which is, in my opinion, an intelligent thing to do. They would rather like to spend their money on honeymoon or other important things or would save it for the future. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you have to neglect your inner urges to buy the most desirable ring. All we want to suggest that do not step out of the estimate what you have set for it. There is a plethora of beautiful options in numerous price ranges to choose from.

Choose your quality diamond

Now when you are ready with the budget, time to explore the types of diamonds that are under your defined price range. Keep the “4 C’s” in your mind as these are the factors to determine the cost and quality of diamond: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

Diamond shape

In extension to the 4 C’s of a diamond, the shape is also a considerable factor in choosing a ring. Although it is a matter of preference, the most favored diamond shape for engagement rings is the princess cut. The other common shapes are brilliant, pear, and oval.

Select the preferred ring setting

Ring settings can be defined as a method in which the diamonds are arranged on a ring. You can also try a combination of settings if you are going for a customized your ring. Some of the popular ring settings for engagement rings are pave, channel, bezel, Tiffany, halo, three stone, and an eternity band.

Pick your ring metal

Ring metal makes the ring design look more captivating. Moreover, it enhances the look of the precious gem it is supporting. You will get numerous metal types and colors while shopping for the ring. Gold and platinum are the most admired metals for engagement and wedding rings. However, gold is also available in varieties namely rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. If you are looking for durability, platinum is the appropriate metal choice for you.

Find the ring size

Make sure the ring is sized perfectly. That means it should slide in easily but should be having a resistance so that it does not fall off easily. If you are going to propose her with the ring, take the help of her family or friends in getting her ring size. Or you can take an idea from an old ring without getting noticed by her.

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