Stack up Your Bracelet in Style That Keep Everyone Gushes Over

The generic definition- stacking is an art of wearing a number of bracelets together. Stacking your bangles or bracelets is quite a “thing” nowadays. Your wrist is a part of the body that is on display almost 24/7. The one reason for the popularity of stack bracelets is the use of smartphones as it automatically draws attention to your hands. Why not beautify them with an impressive stack of bracelets to uplift your appearance from simple to excellent? Trust me – this trend is not going to leave the fashion market any soon. Hence, you definitely want to give a try to it.

As a first-timer, you may not be sure about pulling off this latest trend, here are some ideas that can help you out.

Experiment with different metals

A classic yet artistic way to show off your creative fashion taste is arranging your different metal bracelets and wearing them collectively. Wearing different shades of gold (Yellow, white, and rose) creates the most striking looks. You can use a combination of beaded bangles and solid bangles made of different metals. Mixing precious jewelry with contemporary chunky jewelry will give you an ultra-fusion look.

Combine with a watch

We love watches, and we know most of us have a special space for watches in our hearts. However, sometimes you have to ditch wearing your favorite watch in order to sport the bracelet as a stunner. People are commonly seen flaunting bracelets in one hand and watch on the other hand. To be honest, this style is way too old now as you don’t have to pick between them anymore. You can accumulate them together provided they complement each other in terms of color and material.

Show your colorful side with multicolor stack

If you are the one with affection for colors, you will certainly love this style. In this way, you can add visual interest to your stack by using various colors. Bright colors provide your stack a stunning monochromatic glimpse. Go for different color stone or beaded strand pieces, or you can also use fine neckpieces as a bracelet by looping it up multiple times on your wrist.

Consider different Sizes

Arrange different size bracelets in a manner that the smallest is at last. This will prevent bigger bangles from sliding out of your hand. This style is seen sported by celebrities pretty often. Let your personal style shine through putting together your circles.

Charm bracelets set

Didn’t you love the dangling charm bracelet stacks flaunted by celebrities like Ellie Goulding and Deepika Padukone? This stack gives you a complete mish-mash funky look. These beautiful stacks of bracelets with different shapes and suspending charms look adorable. Make sure you do not pile a lot of them as it might interrupt you while working.

You can always create numerous looks from any size of the bracelet collection. All you need is the correct style to organize them together. Make sure the stack you just have formed, is comfortable and good-looking at the same time. It is always best to try it once before you go out wearing it because it might appear gorgeous on its own; however, it needs to look good with your outfit as well.

Avi Goyal is a social media enthusiast who has full knowledge of diamonds. She has also researched diamonds and loves to explore everything related to that. She writes content that can help you in purchasing diamonds and taking care of them. To check diamond bangles or bracelets visit Geet Jewellery.

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