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Hottest Jewelry Trends

Ever heard the famous aphorism, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’? It is so true. Although not most of the women afford diamonds, it’s alright as long as they get their hands on those beautiful imitations (yes, they almost look real) and affordable pieces in fashion jewelry, launched by different brands. Women are such a huge fan of jewelry, at least most of them. Jewelry trends also change just like the trends in makeup, clothing, handbags, etc. change. You can catch up with these trends through social media posts and other online forums, as Internet deserves all the due credit in providing you all the comprehensive information on the upcoming fashion trends. Check out Mediacom Cable and Internet plans if you are looking for a quality ISP.

We are going to enlighten and update you with some of the hottest jewelry trends of 2018. You need to switch few of your old trinkets and chains with some new bling bling. Try these amazing trends and be on top of the fashion game!

Plastic is the New Metal

Chic plastic earrings and necklaces will stay in vogue this year. Earrings shaped as drops of crystal clear water, chiseled details, and pendants with asymmetrical crystalline shapes are very much in trend this year. These elegant pieces look like glass blown and shaped and molded into a ring or earrings or a necklace. Transparency is going to play a new trend game in this year’s accessories and you are going to bling and shine with all your crystalline jewelry. We absolutely love this trend!

Fruity Earrings

You are going to love the fruity earrings as much as you love the real fruits. While some may think this trend is little childish and younger girls should wear them only. But no, we think this trend is cool and a must-try for all the fashionistas out there. Personally, we love all these crazy and unique trends and we are in love with these fruity legumes!

Asymmetric Hoops

We all were in love with those 80s round, thick, oversized hoops that resurged in 2017. This year they will also stay but with a twist. The round shapes have morphed into eye-catching abstract and asymmetrical hoops. We think this is the most interesting, catchy, and trendy comeback ever of hoops that have been coming and going from fashion. You must try these asymmetrical hoops as an essential fashion statement of 2018!

Gutsy Pearls

Remember those luminous ropes of pearls that Coco Channel was wrapped with? We have loved the pearls ever since. Pearls always look elegant even if they are worn in a single string around the neck. But for this year, pearls are in and can be worn as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, in layered chains, and even rings. We feel like jumping into a tub full of pearls, we are totally addicted to them!


Yes! Brooches and especially neo brooches are in this year. Brooches make even simple clothes look trendy and sharp. In 2017, we witnessed ornate pins everywhere in the catwalks and runways. But this year, you are going to see all those bling brooches on lapels, scarves, and bags in the year 2018. You can even use your granny’s antique silver and gold brooches and you are literally going to be on top of the fashion game. Neo brooches are also very much in vogue. All the major brands have launched their unique brooch collection.

Animals Can Bling

Animal-shaped pieces of jewelry are the next new trend in 2018. We have already fallen in love with the butterfly-shaped piece that Gigi Hadid wore. You need to try these unique pieces this year and make a different fashion statement. Prada designed this gentle butterfly while Chloe created the jewelry pieces that look like wild beasts. Get hold of one of these jewels to celebrate the animal kingdom.

Pinky Rings

Pinky and midi rings have been in vogue for a while now and pinky rings are here to stay in 2018.they look both classy and elegant, especially with rare gems and stones. They give a delicate touch to your hand. It’s all up to you whether you like big stones or the thin elegant rings. We are fond of both!


When you wear short pants and the weather allows it, you should definitely adorn your leg with one of trendy, delicate anklets. We have always loved this rare jewelry piece that adds elegance and class. You need to add these dainty jewelry pieces for the year 2018. The best ones are thin, elegant chains with a faux pearl of diamond dangling with it. Well, you can even flaunt your ankles in winter too!

Layering Chains

Layered chains and necklaces look both hot and classy. And they are going to stay in the year 2018!

Chokers were so in vogue in 2017 and we definitely need an alternative for it now. Layered chains look more attractive and sassy with charms and pendants of different shapes and sizes. Try one of these catchy layered chains to attract everyone’s attention!

Mix and Match

Although people may mistake it into thinking that you lost one earring or in a rush, you grabbed a wrong one but no, you can correct them and flaunt your uniqueness and taste in fashion. You should know that Zara and so many other brands have launched their own designs and versions of mix and match earrings.

Shoulder-Length Earrings

Love being flashy and extra? Here is your thing then. Try all these amazing dangling, shoulder-skimming, extravagant earrings for this year as the trend is not going to go anytime soon. These loud, bling earrings come with fur, sequins, mini beads, rhinestones, and metal mesh. You will have more choices to pick and buy from in months to come.

To stay updated with the latest fashion game you need to stay connected to the Internet. Whether it’s the footwear, handbags, clothing, or jewels, Internet has it all covered for you and ensures to keep your fashion game strong. Pick an ISP with economical billing schedules and check Mediacom Internet before picking one as your reliable Internet service provider.

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