Style Guide to Choose The Perfect Bridal Head Accessory For Different Face Shape

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Needless to say, making a decision when it comes to conjugal jewelry is extremely overwhelming. From most modest toe rings to huge necklaces, a bride wants everything impeccable on her D-day. And why not? It is not a get-up you will be flaunting every now and then.

Similarly, every Indian bride has a pre-decided choice for her hairdo that she is going to sport on her big day. However, every coiffure seems incomplete without a gorgeous hair jewelry piece. The jewelry market is streaming with stunning head ornaments from Maang tikkas to jhoomars. You have to choose your piece very carefully as it will be a highlighted accessory at your wedding. Moreover, every picture from your wedding album will be spotlighting on it forever.

Now, it is obvious to be a little confused about what to buy. Different face structures require various types of head accessories to emphasize the perks and dominate the imperfections. We have got some really tremendous ideas that will help you in deciding.

Square face

The factors that enhance the definition of this face shape are highlighted cheekbones and perfect jawline. We would recommend all brides with square face shape to go for lopsided head ornaments (Matha Patti or Tikka) with your hair parted to one side. Do you admire the dangling style Rajasthani Borla? You should definitely consider this beautiful piece for other functions such as haldi or sangeet.

Round face

Matha Pattis are unquestionably the most stunning headpiece currently. However, if you have a Round face (Round is the cutest face shape though), unfortunately, this captivating accessory is not ideal for you. The bands/straps of Matha Patti make a round face look even smaller. Choose a more petite Maang tikka with fine suspending details or a diamond-shaped tikka to make your face appear longer.

Narrow face

Wearing a bulky and broad Matha Patti will make your face look wider than its actual shape. You have numerous designs and styles to choose from if you are the one blessed with this face shape. Make sure the design you select, does not make your face look even thinner. Go for a chunky headpiece instead of simplistic tikkas.

Heart-shaped face

This beautiful face shape is perfectly complemented by delicate and elegant accessories. A dainty tikka or Matha Patti with tiny dangling detail of metal or stone beads will be ideal for this face type. You can also wear a graceful jhoomer with the mang tikka as well.

Diamond face

People with diamond shaped faces are blessed with perfect cheekbones. Avoid wearing chunky Matha Patti or tikkas as they can take the attention away from your USP. A side jhoomer or a delicate mang tikka is recommended to the brides with diamond shaped faces.

Oval Face

This is surely fortunate to have an oval shaped face. Almost everything looks amazing on such face structures. The layered mang tikka can give you an appearance with a royal touch. You can always experiment with jhoomer and tikka styles. A sleek bun with a chunky accessory (inspired by Sonam Kapoor’s bridal look) will simply be a head-turner.

You get unlimited options available while shopping for bridal jewelry. These option without a doubt, give every bride an opportunity to look her best on the wedding day. However, the more options you have, the more confused you tend to be. Have a look at our guide and keep the recommendation in mind before buying your head jewelry and make your final move. We bet you will look no less than a queen.

Avi Goyal is a social media enthusiast who has full knowledge of diamonds. She has also researched diamonds and loves to explore everything related to that. She writes content that can help you in purchasing diamonds and taking care of them. To check guide for bridal diamond jewellery visit Geet Jewellery.

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