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The Best Elegant Hairstyles for Men

There are so many elegant hairstyles for men out there that can easily transform the ordinary you into that debonair gentleman. As a matter of fact, these elegant and classy haircuts for men offer the ultimate first impressions making you look smart, sophisticated and charming. Now, whether you are on the lookout for a posh, short hairstyle such as an Ivy League Crew cut or it’s a long and textured top hairstyle you’re after, the options are endless. It’s just the matter of making the right pick that actually works for you. So, let’s just not waste time here and dive quickly into the world of elegant hairstyles for men to choose the best one out there.

  • Comb Over Hairstyle

For those with square face shapes, emphasizing on the facial features or the hair is the right way to go about it. And, for emphasizing the hair, it is advised that you should have a longer haircut and should prefer one that offers similar hair length on top as well as sides. However, if you’re interested in emphasizing the face more than anything else, you should better have a tighter and shorter haircut.

Try to avoid a center part or haircuts that have heavy fringes. The reason simply is that they can make your face look off balanced while detracting from the strong features.

That being said, the most natural choice for you should be a comb over hairstyle that features longer top hair combed nicely to the back. Check out all its variations at mens hairstyles list where you won’t just be able to find this beautiful hairstyle but also many other cool options available.

  • Undercut

The cool undercut is back again. It’s probably among the best hairstyles a man can get when looking for low maintenance hairstyles. The tight sides common to this particular hairstyle help emphasize the face in combination with the styled top. It is recommended for the undercut to be kept a bit shorter.

  • Pompadour

One of the most elegant and classy hairstyles, Pompadours never go out of style. It would be great to go with a short pompadour as it will help draw attention towards your face more than the hair itself. And, if you have a square face shape, you should better avoid medium-to-long pompadour hairstyles as they’ll make the face give much of a rectangular impression by making it look too long.

  • Buzzcut

As buzzcuts tend to be short, they can highlight square face shapes perfectly. Something like a butch cut, Ivy league or crew cut can help emphasize the sharp facial features you have. Buzzcuts are shorter than the undercuts as well as pompadours and, therefore, you must ensure that the hair isn’t cut too short. Otherwise, you’ll end up with everyone looking right into your face than anything else.

  • Long Side Swept Undercut

It’s a cool and unique variation of the popular undercut hairstyle and it is classified as one of the most unique hairdos for men. To achieve the hairstyle, you need to have a typical undercut going extreme. You push the undercut to its limits and combine it with the chin-length hair at the front. Remember, it’s an asymmetrical hairstyle and requires one side of the head to be super long while the other must be a lot shorter. It’s a bold hairstyle and works perfectly for those looking for something adventurous all the time.

  • Top Knot

Influenced with the Samurai look, top knot hairstyle is a variation of the typical man bun. It requires you to pull up all your hair to form one single knot somewhere around the crown. It’s kind of hybrid hairstyle with a combination of long and short hair as it features long hair but all of it is drawn into that knot on the top. With top knot, you usually have the focus on your face but leaving some of the hair hanging out will allow you to keep the eyes on your hair.

  • Slicked Back Undercut

A slicked back look is always elegant and stylish and it doesn’t require much of maintenance either as you use a strong hold product to keep everything in place. It requires the hair to go all the way back just tight to the head and styled with a good styling product. It looks gorgeous when complemented with that tight undercut.

So, these are a few options that you can go with when it comes to choosing your best elegant hairstyle. There are many other hairstyle options available for men and it’s the matter of your preference as to which one you’d like to go with.

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