Tips for Making Your Gel Polish Manicure Look Salon Perfect

Gel nail polish is preferred by many women as it lasts longer than standard polishes. You can get a gel polish manicure at a salon, but it’ll set you back. Instead, think about getting an Led Gel Light, a few different bottles of gel nail polish, and some manicure tools. It takes a bit of practice to get a DIY gel polish manicure to look picture perfect, but you will save loads of cash and get to pick up an exciting new hobby. Soon, you could be doing gel manicures for all your girlfriends and get a nice little side business going for yourself.

Take Your Time

If you are good at painting your nails with standard polish, switching over to gel will be a snap. Each nail should be fully coated in polish in two to three strokes. Remember that gel polish doesn’t harden unless it is set under an led light, so you can paint your nails as slow as you need to. Don’t rush while painting your nails and you’ll do a much better job. Additionally, don’t worry about taking the polish off if the result doesn’t look great.

Use Manicure Tools

You can also add pizzazz to your DIY gel manicure with the use of manicure tools. Use a long, tapered brush to draw on designs. Other tools, like tweezers, can be used to add sequins, gems, and other embellishments. Standard manicures are also useful when you want to clean up the edges of your nails and make your manicure look more professional. Remember to sanitize your manicure tools after use and store them in a place where it will be convenient for you to access them.

Let Your Polish Set

At most, you will need to put your nails under an led light for 60 seconds to fully set. As most people use two to three coats, this means that you have to allow each layer to fully set before moving on. Also, remember that you want to seal your gel polish with a clear top coat, so your nails will have to go under an led light once more at the end. Use Acetone nail polish remover to check that your nails have fully set, as well as get all the excess flecks of polish off of your hands and cuticles. When you let your gel polish set layer by layer, you get a manicure that looks flawless and lasts longer.

Even if you prefer to keep your nails neat and trim, you can still treat yourself to a gel manicure every so often. There are clear and buff shades that will make your nails look their best, grow healthy, and stay strong. All you need is an led lamp, a collection of tasteful gel nail colors, and lots of patience. The more often that you give yourself manicures at home, the better the results will start coming out. You will never need to book an appointment at a salon again after you perfect the DIY gel manicure.

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