The Boldest Spring 2020 Makeup Trends and Ideas to Copy ASAP

As spring is soon to be here, you should make yourself aware of the latest makeup trends. To put it simply, forget about low-key makeup this season. Spring makeup is all about fun. If you’re a maximalist when it comes to makeup, you’re going to love these trends. Many of them take it to the next level, as mixing and matching won’t have any clear boundaries. So, if you want to shine after winter with some bold makeup tricks, you’ll find them here – let the spring of 2020 be quirky and cheerful!

1. Neon Cat Eyes

Cat eyes are officially a big trend this spring. Instead of a classic black liquid liner, go for a bright, neon alternative. Neon colors like green, yellow, and pink work best here. Of course, you can use a gel pencil if you prefer it to liquid. Use it to create a thick, winged look (color green will probably make the strongest effect).

2. Get Lost in Blue

Be prepared to see so much more of color blue this season – it’s probably the number one color to go to. Well, that was to be expected, ever since Pantone announced that the Classic Blue is the color of the year 2020. This is a bold hue, reminding us of the sky in the late afternoon and bringing peace and serenity.

As said before, the point is to have fun with it, so you can play with the color. For example, you can create a sharp cat eye or apply the blue eyeshade all-around your eyes, framing them completely. Yes, that’s bold all right.

3. White Eyeliner

In case you opt for classic blue eyeshadow, it would so cool if you paired it with white eyeliner (or a contrasting color, for that matter). White is definitely a non-traditional color for the eyeliner, which is why it will continue to grow in popularity. Alternatively, you can pick cream eyeliner, but the effect is more or less the same.

4. Eye Embellishment

You can instantly put yourself in a good mood if you put stars on your face! Yes, a star or two under the eyes is the latest hit. Eye embellishments have become a part of youthful, trendy makeups. However, you can use eye embellishments to enhance a specific look, like a Halloween or festival look. Many well-known makeup artists such as those in Creative Faces offer specific looks for various events. Details like eye embellishments complete those looks, so next time you want a bit of magic, find ones that suit the occasion.

5. Ombré Eyeshadow

Any spring festival is perfect for wearing ombre eyeshadow. This style is not for the hair, only. The mix of two or three colors always looks playful and definitely catches everyone’s eye. Choose whichever you combination want, but consider trying gold, yellow, and orange combination at least once. It’s cheerful, it’s cool, and it’s festive.

The first thing to do is to apply an eyeshadow primer. Take a sparkly color first and tap it onto the inner corners. use a milder shade on the center of your lids, and then finish with a bright one on the outer third of your eyelids.

6. Free Floating Eyeliner

Contrary to what you may believe, the eyeliner doesn’t have to follow your lash line. Yes, that’s right – you can choose to draw whichever form you feel like this spring! Break the rules and have fun with it – free your hand and see what you will come up with.

When you finish applying the eyeshadow, use a pencil eyeliner to draw a line across the lid. Feel free to make a specific shape out of it, for example, the top part of the cloud or angel wings,

7. Goth Lipstick

Why go for the obvious choice of lipstick this spring? Everyone would expect pink to be the first choice, but no! Go for a vampy, dark lipstick. The closer it is to black – the better. It looks badass, you have to admit, especially if you combine it with neutral-colored clothes.

Apply a lip balm first to hydrate your lips, then put on black or dark violet lipstick. An additional trick: apply gray shadow on your eyelids.

8. Classic Red Lipstick

Even though spring 2020 will be marked with unexpected colors and makeup trends, some classic choices will still have their moments. Red lipstick will be huge in 2020 – it will never go out of style, so no reason to avoid it this spring. You can continue to enjoy your favorite shade (whether it’s the one for the day, or the darker one, for the evening). Some things never change – and that’s good.

All in all

Unexpected, sparkly, fun, creative, colorful – these are the adjectives that best describe spring makeup trends of 2020. It’s time to hit the stores and supply yourself with funky colors and free your inner child!

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