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Healthy Snack Delivery Services: 7 Reasons to Consider Them for Your Business

Forward-thinking businesses provide break rooms for employees. They understand the value of giving employees somewhere to relax, eat, drink, and take a break from the pressures of work. A break room is all part of creating a welcoming workplace environment. If you want to boost employee retention, employees are sure to appreciate a well-designed break room.

Naturally, a break room needs a few supplies. There is no point in giving employees somewhere to relax at work if the room contains nothing other than a few tables and chairs. At the very least it makes sense to add a kitchen area, kettle, coffee machine, microwave, and some supplies. And if you want to go the extra mile, why not add some office snacks?

Here are seven reasons why an office snack service is a smart move for businesses of all sizes.

Show Your Appreciation for Hard Work Well Done

Employees like to feel appreciated. They tend to work harder when they know their boss is grateful for all the overtime and extra effort they put in. There are many ways to show some appreciation, but snack services are a relatively inexpensive one.

Personalized beverage company Bevi has a great blog on the subject of snack services. You can read more about The Pros and Cons of 8 Different Snack Services here. The Bevi blog gives you a useful rundown of the top office snack delivery services, to help you make the right decision.

Snack boxes boost morale and make the workplace a nicer place. The more appreciated your staff are, the less likely they are to leave.

Boost Employee Health and Wellness

Healthy employees don’t take sick days. Providing some healthy snacks is a good way to boost the health and wellness of your employees. Whilst you are free to supply baskets of muffins and cookies – and most people will be thrilled at that! – providing healthy snacks, such as dried and fresh fruit, energy bars, and organic fruit and nut mixes, is better for their health.

Why not make healthy snack boxes part of a corporate health kick, along with subsidized gym membership?

If you show your employees that you are concerned about their health, they are more likely to ditch the calorific treats and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Make Afternoons More Productive

Mid-afternoon energy slumps are a real problem in many workplaces. It isn’t unusual to see employees wilting over their keyboards around 3 pm. Energy levels fade and blood sugar plummets. It isn’t good for productivity if your employees can barely stay awake in the middle of the afternoon.

One way to beat the mid-afternoon slump is to provide some healthy office snacks. Nuts and energy bars can resolve the energy crashes and help employees to continue working diligently all day. Look for energy bars full of healthy protein and slow-release carbs.

Improve Focus

As well as boosting energy levels, healthy office snacks also improve focus and concentration. This is especially important if you are working towards an important deadline. The last thing you need is for employees to slack off and take their eye off the ball.

Dark chocolate and mixed nuts are a good choice if your team struggles to maintain focus in the afternoons.

Brain Food to Go

We are what we eat. A steady diet of junk food is bad for us, which should come as no surprise. So it stands to reason that providing a tasty selection of healthy snacks in an employee break room is a useful way of boosting the cognitive health of your employees.

Well-nourished employees have better concentration and cognitive function. Provide fruit and nut bars full of essential nutrients and antioxidants. Stay well away from fatty burgers and junk food. Employees are your best asset, so nourish them with the right snacks.

Create a More Harmonious Workplace

Mood is inextricably linked to diet. Eat the wrong foods and it will negatively affect your mood. Provide the right snacks and the mood in your office will be vastly improved.

If your workplace is a high-pressure environment where things can get a bit stressful at times, healthy snacks can help to keep things on an even keel. Dried fruit, fresh veggie sticks, hummus, dark chocolate, and other healthy foods are a great first step.

Let your stressed employees graze on a selection of tasty snacks and their mood will be much improved. That way, they should have no problems handling stressful events and difficult tasks when they arise.

Keep Employees in the Office

It’s good to encourage employees to take some exercise during the day, but if your team are prone to wandering off-site in search of snacks, a ready supply of snacks in a break room will keep them happy and close to their desk.

This will save you work time and ensure employees are more productive.

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