What Foods Are High in Calories?

People always tend to mention calories while talking about food nutrition. Calories are the units in which the energy requirement of a person is measured. Likewise, the energy that food can offer is also measured I calories. This way we can tell how much energy we should intake to perform our daily chores. People often forget about calories and how much they should eat. This either results in obesity or weight loss with time.

Whether you are or searching pizza takeaway near me or ordering a hamburger, take care of your calories. You can gain or lose weight by eating high or low-calorie foods.

Top Foods With High Calories

Here are the following best 5 foods that contain high calories. You can avoid them if you want to lose weight. And in case you want to build a body, these foods can help you put weight.

1.        Peanut Butter

This is a classic food that carries high-calories. You can eat peanut butter for a number of reasons. It can help you fight heart disease, burn fat, and build muscle. You can eat it to fulfill your energy need any time of the day. But avoid eating too much unless you want to gain weight.

A single tablespoon of peanut butter offers around 100 calories. And 2 large spoons equal the calories of a Snickers bar.

2.        Dark Chocolate

It may be surprising for you but dark chocolate often contains high calories. Most dark chocolates carry around 600 calories in a single bar. So, make sure to check the calories before you eat one. As they say “looks can be decisive” and in this case, delicious too.

3.        Raisins

Raisins are good if you want to avoid greasy fast food. But most people don’t know that these are calorically dense. This means that a small amount of raisins carries abundant calories. For instance, a small raisins box weighing 1.5 ounces carries almost 129 calories. And you get the same calories after eating 2 cups of grapes.

4.        Quinoa

Quinoa, as a grain, is a versatile and tasty source of protein. Many food experts mistakenly believe that this is a better alternative to rice. They think that it carries fewer calories as compared to rice. But in reality, this isn’t right at all.

Generally, 1-cup of quinoa carries around 222 calories after cooking. This is slightly higher than brown rice offers. A cup of cooked brown rice contains about 218 calories. So, think about your choice if you are using quinoa as an alternative to rice.

5.        Gluten-Free Foods

‘Gluten-free’ is another word that you’ll find in the dieting vocabulary. This is a diet buzzword that almost everyone has heard at least once. Most people go with gluten-free foods when they decide to lose weight. But we advise you to not get fooled with it. Though food might be gluten-free, it’ll still contain calories. So, eat gluten-free cookies like any other dessert. Don’t think that you can eat such foods without ingesting calories.


Contradictory to common believes, grain foods carry high calories. So, you must eat according to your body needs. Eating extra calories can result in obesity and overweight. This also increases the chances of type II diabetes, heart diseases, and blood pressure. Conversely, if you eat fewer calories than your body requirement, you’ll lose weight. Loss in weight can deteriorate your immunity as well as lead to muscle atrophy and organ failure.

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Written by Phoebe Lambert

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