All about Rehab Centres for Alcohol Detox

Alcoholism is a grave problem. It doesn’t only affect the patients but also causes severe discomfort and concerns for their families. Unfortunately, it’s a problem which is far from being mild and getting rid of this habit is not so easy. That’s why many families today are turning to rehab centres for alcoholics to get their addicted family member treated.

One of the primary services of a rehab centre is detox. Detox is one of the early efforts in treating alcoholism. Its objective is to free the body of all toxic influences accumulated over a prolonged consumption of alcohol. At this stage, withdrawal symptoms can be a potential challenge where the body refuses to lose its dependency on alcohol. While this isn’t always life-threatening, it can pose serious challenges in the treatment plan. Therefore, the centre should have to capability to provide supervised detox plans which can mitigate the withdrawal-related issues.

However, in this case, it’s important to go ahead with a registered rehab centre equipped with all required facilities.  Alcoholism is quite a sensitive challenge and its implications are more psychological than physical. Many patients don’t even get a second chance to benefit from the rehab programme and recover. The rehab centre should have all the right procedures and plans in place to address the addiction in a healthy and effective manner. Addiction needs to be dealt with a thorough planning and the approach should focus not only on short-term improvement but also long-term recovery.

Broadly, while looking for the right rehab centre for alcohol treatment in India, family members of the patients should pay attention to certain aspects like –

  • Whether the practitioner and staff are licensed
  • What kind of insurance covers this treatment
  • If the centre offers counseling services as well and can provide a sample plan for the treatment
  • What kind of measures are required in withdrawal symptoms and what aftercare is needed

Here, one of the most important considerations is to make sure that the rehab centre should be able to provide an amicable ambience to the patients. An alcoholic shouldn’t feel like being trapped there as a punishment. Instead, a comfortable, safe and assured environment would be an encouragement for the patients to recover faster.

It’s crucial to realise that one size won’t fit all in this case. Each patient has different treatment requirements. There needs to be a proper and meticulous assessment of each patient and individual symptoms. Based on that, the rehab centre should design a structured, step-by-step approach for the treatment. The plan shouldn’t be limited to healing physical aspects but should also go beyond it to meet the mental, emotional and psychological needs of the patient.

That’s why the centre should be equipped with trained and experienced practitioners and medical staff. All the counsellors and practitioners must be accredited by a governing authority.

It should be noted that not all rehabs for alcoholics offer detox-related services. Therefore, look for the ones where both the treatment offerings are overlapped. You can refer to the reviews and recommendations both online and offline. In this age of the internet, it’s not a great challenge.

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Written by Shalani Singh

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