How To Take Care Of Child’s Mental And Emotional Health During Divorce Period

Over the past fifty years, one-third of marriages in the UK have ended in divorce. Approximately 500 under-eighteen children go through child custody battles every year. With the BBC naming it the ‘Divorce Boom’, divorce rates have soared to unprecedented numbers in recent years.

Divorce is a stressful and painful process, especially when you’re least prepared for it. For most people, it shatters their dreams, ruins their family life, and worsens the financial crisis. This consequently leads to physical and emotional traumas like crippling anxiety, unpleasant nostalgia, and an overwhelmed feeling.

Everyone involved in a divorce is stressed and emotional, especially children; they feel as if their entire world has been flipped upside down. Witnessing the disintegration of your parents’ marriage and the breakup of the family at any age can be distressing. Kids may be unsure or furious; some may even feel as if it’s because of their fault. Divorce is not easy for anyone; however, you can decrease their suffering by prioritizing your children’s well-being.

Take a look at some ways to take care of your child’s mental health during a divorce:

Do It Together 

It’s better if the children learn about the divorce from both of you simultaneously. While this may be difficult to accomplish, especially if you and your partner aren’t on speaking terms, you can enlist the help of your lawyers to reach a mutual agreement.

Make sure you don’t have a fight in front of the kids and tell them you attempted to work things out before calling it quits.

Explain The Outcome 

Divorce leaves a child’s life in a state of flux. They can be concerned about their future and who they’ll live with after the divorce. You and your partner should be able to provide them with some level of security in the best-case scenario.

However, if you haven’t decided who will have custody of your children, you should consult with a lawyer in advance. Don’t let your kids make the decision. If they’re older, they might want to pick and choose who they live with. However, it is preferable if you and your partner decide together.

Keep An Eye On Your Child

You must monitor your children’s activities and pay attention to any unfavourable changes in their conduct. Even minor details can indicate awry, like poor academic performance, isolation, and rapid personality changes. If you notice anything that appears to be aberrant behaviour, then gently ask them about their uncertainties.

Be Responsible and Realistic

During a divorce, parents often make unrealistic commitments to get their way during a custody battle out of insecurity and fear of losing their child to their ex. This results in disagreements due to the inability to fulfil the unrealistic custody grabs. For parents to ensure effective co-parenting, they need first to assess their situation and only agree to realistic commitments based on their schedule. Once they have agreed to something, they need to make sure they fulfil those commitments responsibly to avoid nasty disputes that can impact the child’s mental and emotional health.

Don’t Overburden The Child 

Avoid using your child as a shield for emotional support during a divorce. They are more sensitive than you; informing them about every detail can be traumatic for them. Try not to moan about your partner in front of your children, and don’t use them as a relay for messages.

Encourage Relationships 

Don’t let your child choose between loving only one parent; tell them it’s okay to love both equally. Ensure that they feel comfortable with the situation to avoid negative impacts on their mental health.

Focus on your child

The connection between the two parents should focus on their child rather than on themselves. Keep reminding yourselves that your child is more significant than your disagreement. Your child will be more secure if you and your partner work together.

Let Your Child Express All The Emotions

Listen closely and try not to interrupt them when they speak. It’s common for kids to struggle with expressing their emotions, so be patient. It’s critical to allow children to be open and honest about their fears and concerns, even if it’s difficult.

Don’t Criticize Your Partner In Front Of Your Child

Do not criticize your partner in front of your child or anyone; the environment in which children are raised strongly influences them. Regardless of how much your spouse’s misbehaviour frustrates you, you shouldn’t use abusive language when around youngsters. If you must discuss your partner, aim to inspire them with positive conversation and avoid burdening your children with adult problems that may affect them psychologically. Furthermore, don’t overlook when your children speak negatively about your spouse.

Court’s Ruling

Although child custody issues are addressed outside of court, when things become too complicated to be resolved without the help of the legal system, then the court examines the factors of the case before making a decision.

These factors include how old the child is, parents’ medical and mental health histories, their relationship with the child, and which parent the youngster prefers to live with.

Suppose you’re going through a chaotic divorce and are concerned about child custody. In that case, it’s a good idea to seek advice from a professional. Child custody lawyers can advise you on the appropriate line of action to take next.

Child Custody Lawyer

If you’re planning to fight for custody of your child, you should hire a child custody lawyer. This isn’t the time to file paperwork or understand the legalities on your own, especially with your child’s future on the line. Hiring a lawyer will relieve your stress. Hiring a lawyer can help you avoid mistakes that can weaken your case. If you need somebody well-versed in children law in the UK, you can contact the legal experts at Wembley Solicitors. They can help strengthen your case.

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